Wednesday, April 29, 2009

bye bye april

way back wednesday again already? where is the time going? okay, so, i don't know who took this picture, but i kind of love it. it's from jenny's engagement party many moons ago, and i am wearing a DRESS and COWBOY BOOTS. who am i? look at my skinny little arms and my long hair... i don't even recognize that girl. :) how vain is it that my wbws are all of me? i'm telling you, i don't have the technological capabilities that some of you have. i've had a digital camera for like two years maybe and i don't know if i could use a scanner even if it came with detailed instructions. so, yeah. i guess you get to look at pictures of me... that other people took... from not that long ago. :)

additionally, today is president obama's 100th day in office. has all kinds of cool coverage on it, and i have forgone any work i should've done by now to peruse / obsess over it. go check it out, and enjoy every second.

Monday, April 27, 2009

dear skeezy dudes

yes, i saw you at the bar saturday night but, no, i was not affected by your attendance. yes, i felt you breathing on my neck but, no, i was not at all interested. yes, i understand that the place was packed but, no, i don't think that means you get to dance as close as you want. yes, i don't see nothin' wrong with a little bump and grind but, no, i don't see that as more than a catchy song. yes, i plan on going home alone but, no, i don't want anyone to try and change my mind about that.

moral of the story: you are ewwy and disgusting. keep your hands to yourself, you nasty pieces of shit.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

two birds, one stone

first, way back wednesday. this is from the first snow day i had as a resident of central arkansas, like five days after i moved here. tater and i went out to play. we were / are adorable. don't bother disagreeing, because i know that's a fact. ;)

earrrrrrth day is today! and while i do NOT throw beer bottles out of my car window, this is far and away my favorite card that came up with for the occasion. HA! go check them all out, and thank me later. happy earth day!!! go recycle something... or something!

p.s. why isn't earth day marked on my wall calendar at work? who made this piece of shit?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

obsessed with it

the song AND the feeling that is. xo

Friday, April 17, 2009

westside story

so it's been a couple weeks since i got back home from california, and i'm just now getting around to uploading my pictures. you want to be surprised, don't you? but you're not, are you? :) we went to hollywood and in between trying to get jimmy kimmel tickets (no luck) and dodging crazy people (yikes yikes yikes), i managed to get a picture of one star, and one star only. the good is news, ms. dolly parton's star is worth five other less fabulous celebrities' stars. all hail dolly!

we went to this rad observatory from which the view of los angeles looked positively perfect. even the smog looked kind of pretty. that sounds ridiculous, but it's true. the whole place was awesome, and there were lots of interactive displays and fun stuff to play with. this is what we look like in infrared. although between me putting the camera in front of his face, the glare from the flash, and the mysterious dark spot on my cheek (was i wearing a lot of blush that day?), the picture isn't nearly as cool as i'd anticipated. oh well.

megan asked me to take a picture of the hollywood sign, and i tried several times to get a good one, but i'm a lousy photographer and my camera is not built for miles-long zooming. but i mean, you can still see it, right? so, megan? your hollywood sign pic? i'd say that's a check!

fun fun fun on the west coast! have a good weekend. love love. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

maximum boosh

and it's exactly the one i wanted. :) rent is cheap-ish, location is good, washer and dryer in-house. hooray hooray! i move in on june 1st at the latest, and i am excited excited excited! i am now, per my mama's request, making a needs / wants list for mi casa nueva so that she and my sweet daddy can send anything they have laying around that i might need. i don't know if any of you has met my mom, but if you have, then you will be unsurprised to hear that she has a brand new, unused set of plates, silverware, and glasses for me that has probably been boxed up in her house for years. :)
this news is so good, that i can't be bothered by much else, even though the much else of which i speak would normally have me in the fetal position. por ejemple? i can't breathe and the sinus pressure in my head is at a breaking point. no problem, 'cause i got a new apartment. one of my top three went home on antm last night, pretty much screwing my chances of winning the antm fantasy league this cycle. no problem, 'cause i got a new apartment. my boss is officially on a tirade, and i'm the only one around for him to take his fire-breathing rage out on. no problem, 'cause i got a new apartment.
i can't explain in words how relieved i am to have this checked off "the list." this was the big one, and now it's done. all that's left to do between now and june 1st is save my pennies like a good little girl and start deciding what kind of wine rack i want (yes, mom, that is definitely on the "wants" list). :)
AND, by the way, i thought my tags expired in march and that i was driving around illegally. well, i discovered the other night that they actually don't expire until may, giving me another six weeks to take care of it AND change my insurance before i have to deal with the tags. did i already say boosh? 'cause, um, BOOSH.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

all right fine

way back wednesday. i will play, but i don't know how often, cause we all don't really know the same people from way back, right? no sense in posting pics of me and strangers. ;)

these ol' hussies are my pledge sisters from the sorority i was in. well, the sorority i joined, saw the inner-workings of, and bolted from as quickly as possible. but pledging was awesome, and these girls are INCREDIBLE. clockwise from me: katy, kristen, angie, and chundra. there were only five of us, which was unusual, but it made for more fun. i'm still relatively close with all four of these gorgeous ladies, and i have that devil cult of girls to thank.

so there you go. me as a baby, trying to rock crimped hair, hanging out with girls i had no idea would be as big a part of my college years as they were.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

slow but sure progress

looking for places is exhausting. how many times can i say, "i'm interested in renting an apartment, and i'd like some details on a one-bedroom, if you have that available" on the phone before i gouge an eye out? luckily, people have been super helpful and only semi-bitchy when i ask about a washer and dryer. i'm getting closer to finding a good fit. i think. :)

i did my taxes. it cost me $60 because i refused to do them myself. wellllll not so much refused as meant-to-do-it-and-then-looked-at-the-calendar-and-saw-that-it-was-already-the-13th-and-conceded-defeat. my refund is semi-dismal. that's what you get when you spend four out of last year's twelve months unemployed and eating government cheese. :)

did i mention that i'm also considering a second job? this is sort of a loose end on my seemingly never-ending list of shit to take care of, but still... i'm thinking about it. :)

little things (that mean so much) to do still: renew tags on car (today), visit bank about error (tomorrow?), pick up my shot records to complete application for school (um, thursday, i hope?). :)

yes, you're right. i inserted a smiley face at the end of each paragraph. i feel like if i make the effort, perhaps an actual smile will cross my face the next time i think about any of these annoying little chores that force me to face the fact that i might be an adult. fuck. :) :) :)

p.s. have been having numerous conversations lately about aforementioned tasks and have been readily (and repeatedly) informed by the bf (i'm trying it out... shut up) that i can take care of most of these things online. awww... that's cute. he thinks i use a computer for more than personal business.

Friday, April 10, 2009

all systems go

sweet sweet sister has been giving me some shit about not updating, so here's your update, butterbean. usually when i'm quiet on the blog, it's because i've got more going on than i know what to do with rather than because i've got nothing going on at all. i'm sure scrolling back through the months will prove that i'm more prone to blog when i am bored and boring. :) even though nothing has actually changed yet, i feel like e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g around me is in total upheaval. and the good news is that it's all totally positive, and the s.s. melissa, after some initial wanting of my mommy, is setting sail for bigger and better on all fronts. as previously mentioned, i'm moving out of the house i've lived in for the last two plus years. i'll miss my roommates and i'll miss the chaos and i'll even miss those little devil kitty cats, but i am Excited with a capital "E" to have something different, something new, something mine. i'm going to look at a place this weekend that sounds pretty rad, and when i get all settled in, whether it's there or somewhere else, i'm having a big ol' housewarming. and the booze is on me. :) my personal life is g-double-o-d good. great, in fact. family and friends are all happy and healthy. I'M happy and healthy. my relationships with others are stronger and saner than they feel like they've ever been, and i am truly glad to be moving ever forward in closeness with my parents, sisters, friends, and maybe, just maybe, a boy. (i know, right? a freaking boy? i'm a loser. winkety wink.) i am trying to get my ass back into college. i touched on this plan in my new year's resolution post, and i asked people not to comment on it because it's "a personal decision." dude, that's bullshit. the reason i didn't (and maybe still don't) want any comments is because i'm embarrassed. i'm embarrassed to be 25 (and a half) years old and have nothing to show for my professional semi-adulthood but a string of office jobs that do nothing but bore and age me. nothing against office jobs, of course. but the office jobs i've had have been particularly heinous and not nearly worthy of my melissa-ness. (i don't even care if that makes me sound like a little shit. i feel like it's the god's honest truth.) i took a break from school after my sophomore year, and i'm convinced even now that that was a necessary course of action for me. i totally took for granted the opportunities generously laid in my lap, and i fully support the decision to take a step back and grow up a little before completely destroying myself with parties and alcohol and frat boys. but i've let this hiatus last for six years. SIX YEARS. unacceptable. and yes, i've met great people and been great places and learned great lessons that i wouldn't have if i had stayed on track, but the time for wasting away my twenties is over. and i'm doing my damnedest to remedy some of the maybe-poor decisions i have made. it's going to be a bit more complicated for me than it might be for someone else to get back in the game because of certain (hopefully fixable) mitigating circumstances, but i'm going for it anyway. so, comment away, if you like. i'm putting no restrictions on this one. :)

so, like i said, upheaval. i am making slow but sure progress to sloughing away what hasn't worked and diving into what will. keep your fingers crossed, friends 'o mine; it's feeling like a nine on the richter scale, and i'm not yet standing in the doorway for protection.