Monday, December 31, 2007

it's been a long december

here i am... rock you like a hurricane. so i'm back after my blogging hiatus, refreshed and ready to stay in touch a little bit better. i've kind of been in my own little world for a minute, but i've got my feet on the ground now, and the timing couldn't be more perfect. it's new year's eve after all. i typically see my birthday as the time for change, as it is my biological new year, but i agree with heather's post today. every day is a good day to bend, break, mend, and alter anything and everything in our lives. and i have a feeling that this january 1st will feel like getting out of a long, hot shower, after you've washed it all away. i remember turning over a leaf sometime at the end of the summer, but i think i only got it halfway before i gave up. and the other night i was having a difficult but necessary conversation with someone when it struck me: the leaf is for sure all the way over now. the words, "hot damn! i'm a grown-up!" actually crossed my mind. goodbye, 2007. time for an even-numbered year and an even better me.
things to remember from the twelve months past:
1. honesty really is the best policy
2. nothing in the world replaces a best friend
3. it's never too much information if someone really loves you
4. i am TOTALLY worth it
5. you will always, always reap what you sow
things to forget:
1. not a damn thing. don't forget any of it. : )
okay, i hope everyone has a safe and happy new year's eve, and i will catch you guys on the flipside, when i will be a much better blogger. holla holla. xoxo

Monday, December 17, 2007

there is a season

so i changed my template. i'm not 100% sure i love it yet... and in total melissa fashion i deleted my blog roll in changing said template, so i'm having to go back and re-enter everyone. i'm still missing four or five of you... i was just too tired last night to finish it. i'll get to it soon. : ) it's 6:03 am. does anyone want to guess how long i've been at work? SINCE 4:30. don't ask. yipes. tonight is going to be a big, fat craaaaash and buuuuuuuuurn. hope everyone had a good weekend!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

nothing new

disclaimer: i know postsecret has taken the path of the real world, antm, and most other reality shows by taking a good idea and making it popular and therefore forced and pointless, but every now and again, there are postcards like this, which i adore. so there. and you know what? i'm not just starting to see it, i like to think that i see it every day. and everyone who reads this blog is a part of that. thanks guys. seriously. : )
p.s. i promise to start posting the silly little happenings in my life again soon, and knock it off with this incense-burning, colored-aura, self-reflection bs. : )

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

self-help express

it wouldn't be a party unless we were both holding alcoholic beverages, would it? : )
i feel g-o-o-d and a lot of it has to do with the night this picture was taken. i went to mtn. home saturday to be heather's date at my old office's annual christmas party. i went as a favor to a dear friend, but was not actually looking forward to rubbing elbows with a bunch of people i don't see anymore and don't really miss. but guess what. turns out i do miss them. and the combination of a great date, a tipsy sister, and true interest in the goings on of people that i've let myself forget made for a GREAT night and a reminder that maybe absence does make the heart grow fonder. aaaand some late-night texting never hurts, either. : )
this overwhelming feeling of nostalgia has had other effects, too. namely, all the weirdness and the discomfort at home has settled down, i think. i realize that i may not have mentioned that there was any weirdness or discomfort to begin with, but it's part of the "things i am kind of not sure i want to talk about on the internet" that i have kept to myself. i kind of disappeared for a minute and i think my roommates may have wondered if i ran away, but i'm still here and i'm pretty sure they still love me.
at this point, i'm just rambling it seems. my bottom line is this: sometimes things come along that turn your world upside down and it's GOOD. it's really good. but what's even better is when the pendulum begins to swing back the other way, and you have balance again, only now with more weight on it. : )

Sunday, December 9, 2007

ain't it the truth

i've been thinking a lot the last couple of days about friendship. real, true friendship. i am the kind of person who easily meets and connects with people, as i am generally an open book and about as hard to see through as a screen door. but even with numerous acquaitances, i can tell the difference between faces i know and the real deal. what i'm not always that good at is taking the best care i can of these people. i am so lucky that my small group of close friends has only gotten bigger and more varied the older i have gotten. i have my roommates at home, who are all like family to me, and my girls at work who listen endlessly to my bullsh*t, and my friends in little rock and tulsa who are a perfect example of every cloud's silver lining, and my friends from my old office in mtn. home who are the best mother/sister/friends any girl could ask for, and various others spread out all over the country who have a room at my house anytime. and all of these people, amazing and phenomenal as they are, are still second only to megan who will always be my very bestest friend and soulmate, and my parents who are above and beyond the best people i know. what i'm getting at (not so succinctly) is that there are SO many of you that i consider close to me, as close as close gets, and i love you all SO much. i was reminded this weekend that i may not be as mindful of each of you as i should be. not in so many words, you know, but that was kind of the gist. i have many faults and am, as the postsecret suggests, a TOTAL idiot. but one of the characteristics on which i have always prided myself is being a good friend, and i may be falling by the wayside. not just recently, either. so this is my public apology to anyone who feels slighted in any way, to anyone who misses me and wishes i would call more, to anyone who reads this blog and worries when i don't update (i'm talking to you, tammy). i love you, i love you, i love you. and i'll do better by you. : )

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

time to update, i suppose

it's been crazy here. and by here i mean at my office, at my house, and inside my head. my apologies for not posting more; i used to be kind of a fiend, huh? maybe it has something to do with the weather... regardless, here's a list of top-of-my-head happenings:

  • we're down ANOTHER co-worker for six weeks. *sigh* bring it on.
  • my room is a disaster area. i really really really need to clean it. mess outside, mess inside, you know? time to clean at least one of them up. : )
  • it's already december. i'm sure you all know that by now, but i cannot get my head around how fast the time is going.
  • i tried TWO new things at the sushi place. i liked one very much, and i did not gag on the other. i may be a convert after all.
  • monday was my dad's 60th birthday!!! and he spent it working on the farm. of course he did. : )
  • i haven't bought groceries in like a month and have been living off of fried food. i guess it's never too early to start putting on that holiday weight, huh?
  • i think i want a new car, and
  • i know i want some new clothes. i bought a new shirt the other day and it struck me, i haven't bought a single article of clothing in like six months. i bum around in the same sh*t every day. this needs to be remedied so that i can stop looking like an orphan.

well i guess the top of my head is not that interesting because i am, as usual, boring to the point of depressing. there's more, you know. much more. but you'll have to just wait on that. : )