Thursday, April 16, 2009

maximum boosh

and it's exactly the one i wanted. :) rent is cheap-ish, location is good, washer and dryer in-house. hooray hooray! i move in on june 1st at the latest, and i am excited excited excited! i am now, per my mama's request, making a needs / wants list for mi casa nueva so that she and my sweet daddy can send anything they have laying around that i might need. i don't know if any of you has met my mom, but if you have, then you will be unsurprised to hear that she has a brand new, unused set of plates, silverware, and glasses for me that has probably been boxed up in her house for years. :)
this news is so good, that i can't be bothered by much else, even though the much else of which i speak would normally have me in the fetal position. por ejemple? i can't breathe and the sinus pressure in my head is at a breaking point. no problem, 'cause i got a new apartment. one of my top three went home on antm last night, pretty much screwing my chances of winning the antm fantasy league this cycle. no problem, 'cause i got a new apartment. my boss is officially on a tirade, and i'm the only one around for him to take his fire-breathing rage out on. no problem, 'cause i got a new apartment.
i can't explain in words how relieved i am to have this checked off "the list." this was the big one, and now it's done. all that's left to do between now and june 1st is save my pennies like a good little girl and start deciding what kind of wine rack i want (yes, mom, that is definitely on the "wants" list). :)
AND, by the way, i thought my tags expired in march and that i was driving around illegally. well, i discovered the other night that they actually don't expire until may, giving me another six weeks to take care of it AND change my insurance before i have to deal with the tags. did i already say boosh? 'cause, um, BOOSH.


Megan said...

speaking of wine racks, mom sent me one when i was living in florida. not sure how, but it ended up with dad and he now uses it as a toilet paper holder in his bathroom. i don't have the heart to tell him that's not what it's for. oh, dad.
glad you got the apt little girl. now we can have super duper twin sister dance all night slumber parties. right? RIGHT?

Big Mike said...

I'm super stoked that you found a place. I'm super stoked that you are currently in the market for a wine rack. I'm super DUPER stoked that you said BOOSH 3 times.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

i think you rock the face off the planet.

that is all.

miya p. said...

yes yes YESSS...*pantpant*
(that was a mini-gasm 'cause you got a new apartment)

can't wait to see your nueva habooshtaciĆ³n