Friday, September 28, 2007

who can take the sunshiiiine...

sprinkle it with dewwwww... announcement: anyone who can figure out why i have had this song stuck in my had for roughly the last 72 hours can have my golden ticket. so i haven't updated in a while and it breaks my crayons (thank you, jackie wells, brooke knight, urban dictionary, etc) when other people do that so here i am. i was waiting to post my pics from jenny's wedding shower last weekend, but i'm afraid i am too dumb to do it. i put the card in the thingy on the side of the laptop... why didn't it work? eh, i'll get it figured out. no worries. i'm going to see big mike in russellville tonight and i am VERY MUCH looking forward to a big hug and a lot of beers with one of my oldest and certainly dearest friends. mike mike mike mike mike. just saying it makes me happy. : ) idea: i'm contemplating giving up my job to wait tables when i go back to school... any thoughts? and finally--- america's next top model was awesome. i was glad to see that goofy girl go home, and my current favorite is the stripper. did you see the office last night? oh good lord. thursdays are BACK, ducklings. thanks as always for tuning in. join us next time when our topic will be "Adult ADD and It's Effects on Blogging."

Friday, September 21, 2007

best week ever

i'm in a hurry, so....

  • my birthday was a HUGE success and thank you all so much for the sweet birthday wishes!!! love love love love love. : )
  • my digital camera came in and it. is. AWESOME! i think i'm ready to take my blogging to the next level by adding pictures that i actually took.
  • my sweetheart eleise made me a homemade birthday meal last night, including a cake with candles. and everyone sang. and i may have teared up a little in my excitement.
  • I GOT A TOP MODEL BARBIE FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!! who wants to come over?
  • my buddy timmy works at the cable company and last night on channel 5 my birthday was announced. and megan's. and timmy doesn't even know megan. this makes him A+ in my book.
  • it's f-f-f-f-friiiiiiiiday!
  • i just got off the phone with my mommy and this much i know: anyone with whom you can discuss at length your mutual love for the brave little toaster is more than just a parent.
  • speaking of the brave little toaster, sweet sister is mad because i decided if she were in that movie she'd be the blanket. it's not an insult megan so LOCK IT UP. : )
  • i'm going to tul-city with kat tonight. you know what the midwest is? young and restless. just ask kanye.
  • time to work now.
  • thanks again for showing the birthday love. it's my own personal christmas and you are all santa to me. xoxoxo

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

it's. my. BIRTHDAY!!!

here it is, not even 7am, and i am blogging. i haven't showered, but i have updated. : ) why? BECAUSE IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! the best day of the year, new year's day, the day of new beginnings. i would be posting a picture of me all 24 and whatnot, but the digital camera that my mommy got me has had some shipping delays, despite her best efforts. colleen is not pleased at all, however, i am JAZZED UP that she even loves me enough to get something so nice for me. i can wait a few days. : ) thank you thank you and a million besos, mom!
i'm sure you realize that it is not my birthday alone. of course it is megan's birthday too. and people always say, "someday you'll get sick of birthdays and sick of getting older and they won't be as big of a deal." yeah, well, i call BULLSH*T because as long as meg and i have each other, birthdays will never lose their flavor. i only wish she was here to celebrate! so, the happiest of birthdays, my darling meg mcmuffin. you are the tune i hum, the song i sing, and the freestyle i spit. i love you the most. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
one more thing and then i really need to shower... the most important thing i've learned since last year is to take care of yourself first. i'm too good at loving on and cheering on other people through ups and downs and not good enough at turning that positivity inward. but i'm trying... and so help me god, by the time i turn 25, i'll be an old pro. : )
happy birthday to meeeeeeeee!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the final countdown

it's the day of the eve of my birthday, and 23 has been a pretty big year. let's look back, shall we? i left mtn. home for conway to go back to school, and although i haven't made it back to college yet, that was a positive step toward growing the hell up. i experienced quite a few problems with my car, my lovely lovely malibu, but like $600 and lot of headache later, girl's in as good a shape as ever (knock on wood!). my lungs kind of quit on me, and that was a mess. i'm sure you remember that. but as recently as last week it seems as though i may come out on the other side of that basically unchanged. I QUIT SMOKING which is huge news that i think my family, friends, and body all appreciate. that may be about it as far as big happenings go... maybe not that much has happened in twelve months... : )
this is the first birthday in a long time where i actually feel a whole year older. i look a little different, too. i've learned quite a bit since last september and it feels good to be turning 24. i feel like i've earned a new age for all i've put myself through and all that's been thrust upon me. i'd go into detail, but you've probably already heard my piece more than once. : ) so now it's your turn. what's the most important thing you've learned since your last birthday? c'mon, don't be shy. it won't be all about me until tomorrow. : )

Sunday, September 16, 2007

so about myspace...

so i have a myspace page. and i really just got it to keep up with a couple of friends. and now all of a sudden people are finding me. and i can't tell whether or not i like it. i mean, on the one hand, i have lost track of lots of folks over the years (i hate that i'm that girl... i never thought i would be) and it's nice to chit chat and see what they're up to and so on and so forth. on the other, much bigger hand, it's a little bit creepy that all these people now know where i am. yipes. i'm not necessarily a private person by any stretch, and if you're reading this odds are i've already told you too much about me, but the exposure a little strange i think. questions: do you have the same issue with the internet and your privacy? am i just being paranoid? am i ten years behind the curve for just now giving a damn about myspace?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

ain't nothin gon break my stride

can't nobody hooooooold me down, oh no! (i am, of course, singing the diddy/mase version of this song). sooooo i went to the lung doctor yesterday and GUESS WHAT. i'ma be just fine. : ) apparently, i have been a very good girl this summer and my lung capacity is at 83% and dr. squire is certain that i am done done done done DONE with the sicky sicky!!!!! that up there is me making my wow face at what, to me, is basically the BEST NEWS EVER! old lung doctor (aka dr. poop, aka dr. i hope i never see that jerk again) "forgot" to send my biopsy results so i'll have to go back and see dr. squire next month just to be sure, but after i let them take my urine and my blood and did chest x-rays, dr. squire pretty much gave me the all clear. AY AY AY AY AY!!! although i'm not quite out of the woods (i may never be; dr. squire gave me a list of things to make red flags should they occur, i.e. persistent nausea, trouble swallowing [no jokes necessary, thank you], etc. etc.), i feel like i won the lottery or something! *sigh* pretty much everyone i know has had some sort of medical issue lately so me making this (basically) full recovery is hopefully a trend that will continue. maaaaan, i feel so good. SOOOO GOOOOOD!!! and, in case anyone's counting, it's t minus six days until mi cumpleanos. thursday, you have heard my prayers. all right, enough about me. i'm off to buy a pack of cigarettes. RELAX I'M JUST KIDDING.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

goodbye ruby tuesday

yesterday was a good day. i had lunch with some friends that i never see in the middle of the day (i mean to say that they are after work and weekend friends. does that make sense?) and it was both delicious and entertaining. and last night my roommates and i had a little last supper at hog pen YUMMO before heading downtown to play trivia. or shall i say, attempt to play trivia... anyhow we had a good day and a good night, which is sometimes a rare combo and i am thankful for it.
today... not so much. tatum left for brazil this morning, and i know she'll only be gone for six weeks, but her departure date a) got here before i could get used to the idea of her not being around, and b) coincides with my date with the lung doctor. i don't want to go. enough time has passed that it's kind of easy to forget there was ever a problem in the first place so i'm a little anxious and worried. and i wanted tatum to be there but she is leaving on a jet plane. and she won't be back until like halloween. and she is my favorite roommate. and also my sweetheart. and my bestest friend. and all of this makes melissa a NOT HAPPY girl today.
i'm not gonna lie... i have already cried (it's only 9am for pete's sake). i cried like a little girl cutting the biggest onion EVER. hopefully thursday will be a little nicer to me.

Monday, September 10, 2007

welcome back

oh, hey. what's up monday? I'M NOT REALLY ALL THAT PLEASED TO SEE YOU, if you want the truth. weekend was nice. i mainly chilled at the house, which is both convenient and cheap. list list list, here comes a list of happenings and the lessons we learned:
  • friday night at the saucer. UNBELIEVABLE, i know. and in case you're wondering, you can throw all the darts you have in your hands and all of them stick to the board. i mean, you can if you're rad like i am.
  • if you're standing outside in the street on your cell phone and you see a suspicious vehicle, go ahead and make your way back to the house. or, you can just stand there and be yelled at by a hooligan. your choice.
  • GET UP BEFORE 11 AM. good god, what are you, 17?
  • people who are not from the south can make a pretty mean pecan pie. who would've guessed?
  • do not try to sneak a cigarette in the driveway when your roommates have noses like hound dogs.
  • everything really is nicer on a 42" plasma tv. it's especially nice if it doesn't cost you a dime. hooray for roommates with big dreams and good credit. : )
  • two glasses of red wine will not only relax you, it will knock your ass out.

okay, that's basically all the wisdom i have to pass on for now. hope everyone made the most of their weekends. and i hope none of you has monday worry knots in your stomach like i do.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

gimme a beat

la la la i'm singiiiiiiing to myself cause it's beeeeeeeen a v-v-v-very good day REEEEMIX wicky wick wicka wicky good day bitches. seriously though, tuesday came through. i didn't have much to look forward to, what with having to go back to work and to the hospital, but here i am free-styling anyway. for starters, labor day weekend was rad. i feel like i touched a foot in every county and i l-o-v-e-d every second. i got up bright and early this morning and went to work at 6am (that's right, 6 people) and got basically a whole day's work done before anyone else showed up, which is probably what i'll start doing every day to avoid the dreaded sunday afternoon work-a-thon. then i went to take my breathing test at the hospital which i WAS NOT looking forward to. and you know what? my lung capacity is currently at around 80%!!!! and in may it was like 66% so there's a day-making happening right there. and when i got back to work, the sky gave way and it FINALLY rained in conway after, like, 6 months of not. a. drop. jade china for dinner, kanye on the stereo, l.a. ink's on in less than a half an hour.... what more can i ask for? so if you're happy and you know it--- you know the rest. jump in when you're ready.