Tuesday, December 8, 2009

cranky pants, party of one

boo. i don't know if it's the weather or the season or the holidays or what, but jeezum crow i just CANNOT stay positive lately. i'm tired, i'm crabby, i'm stressed out, and i just really really really would like to snap the hell out of it. my weekend was super hectic and eventful in all the wrong ways, my job is increasingly tedious and unfulfilling, my apartment is a wreck, my skin is dry and pale, christmas is about five seconds away, and oh god, the rain rain rain and the cold cold cold. no amount of deep breathing or wishful thinking is negating the craaaaaaab inside of meeeeee. the good news is that what goes up must come down, and you know, vice versa. so i'll see you on the other side of this cranky-faced funk, friends. :) xo

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


this week marks a year of me working with my company. and in lieu of cake and ice cream to celebrate (yeah, right... i work with all dudes over the age of 40... no one celebrates like i do), i'd like to ask for a raise. i don't get paid time off, i don't have a chance to earn overtime, and have not received an increase in pay since my first day. i'm sort of a bad ass around here, and i think i've earned a raise. the problem is, HOW THE HELL DO I ASK FOR A RAISE?! every scenario i imagine in my head makes come off sounding like an ingrate or a sniveling jerk. maybe it's because, deep down, i feel sort of like an asshole asking for a raise a mere three months before i say peace out to this place, but still. end date or no, i DO deserve a raise, right? i mean, it's been a year... right? help, friends. HELP. ayudame. how do i get more money for my (quasi) hard work? or should i just leave it alone?