Tuesday, August 17, 2010

don't call it a comeback

yo yo yo, it's update time! i hadn't even looked at my blog in so long... when i got here today i noticed that, for whatever reason, my template wasn't showing anymore, so i went back to the basic blogger style. i miss the green, but i kind of dig this one too. really though, you don't care about that, do you? nope, didn't think so.
i'm ALIVE and still in CALIFORNIA. that's the takeaway message for this post. :) i am, again, jobless, as my previous employer decided to close up shop. he cried when he told me, but he handed me a big fat check (that didn't bounce) so i didn't cry at all. so here i am again, home most of the day, wishing for employment but trying desperately to enjoy myself because i know these days won't last forever. plus, i've got some dolla dolla bills y'all so at least i don't feel completely dependent on scott.
as far as updating you on what's been going on here, i'm not sure i remember anything outstanding enough to discuss... scott and i are having a fantastic time being together all the time, and, some time ago, finally ironed out most of the "holy shit we see each other every day instead of every six weeks" wrinkles in our relationship, which now leaves room for all the fun shit we do: beer festivals, crawfish boils, x-games at the staples center, baseball games at angels stadium... there is TONS to do here, but, alas, most of it is so expensive that the coolest things end up being just a tease. the mlb allstar game is here?! SWEET! I WANNA GO! oh, the cheapest ticket is $150? eh, perhaps i'll just catch the highlights on espn. that kind of thing. :)
i got home sunday night from my first trip back to arkansas as a california resident. it was NOT easy to leave. i mean, besides the fucking weather (HOW DO YOU EVEN BREATHE THERE ON A DAILY BASIS GOOD GOD THAT HEAT IS STIFLING I'M AN OLD LADY AND BITCH ABOUT HUMIDITY EVERY CHANCE I GET), i had soooooo much fun and miss all of my sweet arkansas girls soooooo much. *sigh*
so, i guess, california's still alright by me. i need two things to really feel at home here: 1. a JOB (oh god i need a fucking job) and 2. a good girlfriend. i have a candidate in mind, but i think she might be a little too nice for me. she lives down the street and she is super awesome and fun to hang out with, but i have not heard her say one cuss word. ever. and that kind of makes me feel like i have to cut out my cuss words that i treasure so dearly. and to that i say, FUCK. but, regardless, at least she makes me feel like i have someone to talk to and i don't have to make scott my girlfriend. he is not a good girlfriend at all. :) so, basically what i'm saying is, i'm starting to make friends in the land of bitches and skanks, but if any of you gets a wild hair and wants to move here to be my buddy, i will make it worth your while in tap dances and hugs. anyone? anyone? okay, just think about it though. :)
so i suppose that's it for now. i have a PICTURE POST in mind for later in the week, but, as usual, don't hold your breath, 'cause i've been known to take brief hiatuses from blogging from time to time. ha ha. see what i did there? i downplayed my blogging suckitude. until next time, children. don't forget that auntie m loves you. :) xo