Tuesday, April 14, 2009

slow but sure progress

looking for places is exhausting. how many times can i say, "i'm interested in renting an apartment, and i'd like some details on a one-bedroom, if you have that available" on the phone before i gouge an eye out? luckily, people have been super helpful and only semi-bitchy when i ask about a washer and dryer. i'm getting closer to finding a good fit. i think. :)

i did my taxes. it cost me $60 because i refused to do them myself. wellllll not so much refused as meant-to-do-it-and-then-looked-at-the-calendar-and-saw-that-it-was-already-the-13th-and-conceded-defeat. my refund is semi-dismal. that's what you get when you spend four out of last year's twelve months unemployed and eating government cheese. :)

did i mention that i'm also considering a second job? this is sort of a loose end on my seemingly never-ending list of shit to take care of, but still... i'm thinking about it. :)

little things (that mean so much) to do still: renew tags on car (today), visit bank about error (tomorrow?), pick up my shot records to complete application for school (um, thursday, i hope?). :)

yes, you're right. i inserted a smiley face at the end of each paragraph. i feel like if i make the effort, perhaps an actual smile will cross my face the next time i think about any of these annoying little chores that force me to face the fact that i might be an adult. fuck. :) :) :)

p.s. have been having numerous conversations lately about aforementioned tasks and have been readily (and repeatedly) informed by the bf (i'm trying it out... shut up) that i can take care of most of these things online. awww... that's cute. he thinks i use a computer for more than personal business.


Jax said...

Looking at places is indeed exhausting. I found my fit in a remodeled old building b/c it was "charming" but... not having central h/a is kiiiinda a big pain in the ass and not so charming anymore. Choose wisely, my friend. :)

miya p. said...

ummm, i have room at my place... always for you anyways.

Megan said...

dude, if anyone call pull off saying 'bf' it's you. don't worry mama. when you're calm, things get done much easier. love you best friend. call me if you need anything.

Big Mike said...