Wednesday, April 15, 2009

all right fine

way back wednesday. i will play, but i don't know how often, cause we all don't really know the same people from way back, right? no sense in posting pics of me and strangers. ;)

these ol' hussies are my pledge sisters from the sorority i was in. well, the sorority i joined, saw the inner-workings of, and bolted from as quickly as possible. but pledging was awesome, and these girls are INCREDIBLE. clockwise from me: katy, kristen, angie, and chundra. there were only five of us, which was unusual, but it made for more fun. i'm still relatively close with all four of these gorgeous ladies, and i have that devil cult of girls to thank.

so there you go. me as a baby, trying to rock crimped hair, hanging out with girls i had no idea would be as big a part of my college years as they were.

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Jax said...

I dont care if I know the people or not-keep posting! :) Good pic, pretty girl! :)