Friday, November 13, 2009

because it's friday

and because i can't stop looking at it, i present the most horrible / most awesome thing you have ever seen in your life, guaranteed. special thanks to jacob for posting this first. HILARIOUS, and sadly, an accurate representation of how the general public of our country sees the world. uh, you're welcome. ;)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

por las mamas

so, the biggest part of this story is that i just found out that my very good friend katie is PREGS and she's due in may, and there is no feasible way for me to be happier for her. i love her, and i love her husband, and they are going to be phenomenal parents. PHENOMENAL, and i'm sure of that. i am already over the moon about their little bundle of joy, and that is the take away message from this post, okay?

but, for your consideration, i submit the following and you tell me: is the most annoying thing ever or what?!

so i found out about sweet katie bug's bun in the oven in an email, from an ex-coworker of mine / current coworker of katie's. apparently, katie pie's broken the news in her office through an email with an attachment of the ultrasound photos. so i receive this email, FORWARDED, from said coworker and the only thing it says is, "did you know?" HELL NO I DIDN'T KNOW!!! so i immediately call katie and scream "are you pregnant?!" and once she verifies this information i start to cry and say how excited i am and congratulations and all of that mess and she's all emotional and i think it's for the same reason... but apparently she's emotional because she's so pissed off that she wants to kill this particular coworker. see, katie's plan was to make plans with me this weekend so that she could tell me in person, and coworker has ruined it. not only did i hear it from someone besides the mama-to-be herself, but i got the news in an email. katie's not pleased, and i can't blame her. i really should've thought about that before i called her, but I WAS SO STOKED that i just couldn't think straight, you know? surely you know.

anyhow, i guess my point is: tacky, right? forwarding an email with info like that? what if she wanted to surprise me personally (which she did)? what if she didn't want me to know? what if what if what if? help me out here, mamas, how pissed off would YOU be at this coworker?

incidentally, yes, i know i'm sort of doing the same tacky thing by telling you here, but you don't know her, right? so it's different. i think...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

attention friends

this is probably going to come across as very arrogant and self-involved, but i think you all know that i am those things a lot of the time, so i will say it anyway: i miss you. i want to spend time with you. before too long i will go and it will not be as easy to come over and split a bottle of wine, it will not be as easy to share a good hug, it will not be as easy to be friends. so we should soak up the easy while we've got it, shouldn't we? so, as of right this second, my free time is yours if you want it. see? arrogant. self-involved. but i love you, and i don't know how else to say it. xo

Thursday, November 5, 2009

at the risk of being "that girl"

i've got to tell you what happened, even though i don't want to be her... the girl who has nothing to talk about but her love life (i've always wanted to punch that girl in the face). but this is big news for me, so if i can now be inducted into the "that girl" club, so be it, i guess.

last night i'm on the phone with the dude and i'm telling him (again) that the only stressful part of THE BIG MOVE for me is knowing when IT will happen and all the logistics-related things leading up to IT. best as i can tell, once i touchdown in la la land, the sailing should be a bit smoother. so he suggests that i pick a date to move and we'll just go from there. so i do. april 1st. arbitrary, yes, but that's about the soonest i figure i can make it happen from my end, and the weather will be nice in both states so that's one less thing to worry about, right? he agreed, and if we were in the same place, i imagine we would've shaken hands so as to signify that we have a deal. fast forward to this morning: i come into work, bleary-eyed and half-awake, as usual. i get all settled and open my email and i have one from southwest airlines titled "ticketless flight confirmation" or something equally as important sounding. i open it, with furrowed eyebrows, because i haven't made a flight reservation lately and i'm guessing this is a surprise or a mistake.

it was the first. :)

it's a one-way ticket to los angeles, california, for the first of april, 2010, courtesy of scott.

so this is it. in just a little less than five months, there won't be any more guessing or speculating or talking about someday. i'll be living there, and not here. and i can't think about anything else this morning except my rad ass boyfriend, his sweet and much-appreciated gesture, and the myriad dollars i need to stow away between now and then.


that is all.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

it's not that i hate pictures...

...i just don't ever post them because i'm so bad at taking them and doubly bad at being in them. so there's that. and i will probably regret posting this one, but, fuck it. halloween. mario mackin' on princess peach (in a cardigan... who knew l.a. would be so damn cold that night? totally ruined the effect). neither of us remembers this photo being taken, and neither of us knows why it's of such poor quality. maybe someone took it with their phone? regardless, it must've been pretty late, because the man is shirtless, which i know for sure didn't happen before midnight (luigi took his shirt off, and scott is not a person to be outdone when it comes to nudity). and that mustache? yeah, he grew that himself, specifically for this occasion. this is probably not the best pictorial introduction to my sweetest sweetheart, but it occurred to me that he has yet to make a physical appearance on the ol' blog, and i figured why the hell not. cheers to drunken PDA, yes?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

happy anniversary to me

i lost two jobs in six months last year. it wasn't fun, but it seems like it's been forever ago. on the one-year anniversary of my losing the first, i was moving into my new apartment, and a bad memory was replaced. today is the one-year anniversary of losing the second, and although no momentous occasion occurs today to replace this date in infamy, i am boggled as to how much is different now than it was then. have you ever take those "real age" quizzes? there's a section devoted entirely to how quickly one's life changes and the stress those changes take on one's body, both physically and emotionally. it's been a long time since i checked my "real age," but as i'm looking back just over the last couple of years and all that has happened, i'm guessing i'm probably somewhere in my early fifties, as far as is concerned. and i'm not the only one; i can think of several people reading this blog whose lives are drastically different than they were two years, two months, two weeks ago. i'm wondering when (or if) this ever changes. what i mean to say is, do the changes become smaller and smaller? or are we forever radically different with the seasons?

no point to this post, really. just thinking about the job lost one year ago today, how upset i was about it then, and how completely inconsequential it is now. i suppose i should stock this feeling away for reference the next time i think the world is ending.