Thursday, June 19, 2008

oh good lord

i'm crabby and impatient and very sensitive the last few days. i'm doing my best to keep it under control, but i'll admit that there have been a couple occasions where i have just been a flat-out bitch. sorry, roommates. sorry, sister. sorry, friends. and sorry if you haven't heard from me... i'm hiding out until i can get in a better mood. love love.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

dear solitude

i love having rommates (most of the time), and i couldn't have hand-picked three better. but slade won't be home until tonight, and tatum tomorrow, and dusty some time after that, which leaves me allll alone for now. and, oh boy, am i loving it. roommates, come home soon, but not too soon, you know? and, by the way,
happy father's day to my very favoritest daddy of all time. xox from your melissa-pie.

Friday, June 13, 2008

testing, testing

so i'm blogging. it feels strange. i'm still reading all of yours, and even though i'm sure you've given up on mine, i will write today anyway.
i was laid off from my job almost two weeks ago, which shocked and embarrassed me. but, things have worked out for the best, as they typically do. i am certainly a "sunny-side-up" kind of girl, and here i am, up here, on the sunny side. i will not talk about my potential next job that i am INSANELY interested in for fear of jinxing it. but i will say that i'm hoping to report very good news on that front shortly.
my personal life is, as always, up in the air. i'm falling in love every day lately. at kroger, or the post office, or at a stoplight, or in my head. and even though absolutely none of these love connections will come to fruition, it feels good anyway. it's summertime and i am feeling lovey-dovey enough to crush on strangers, but it's much too hot for cuddling so it's best that they are only daydreams.
i'll probably start blogging again. i have missed it, and i miss anyone reading it. call me soon, or come see me. hell, maybe i'll come see you.
holla holla.