Wednesday, February 10, 2010

so here's what happened

i am currently in los angeles, california and not in little rock, arkansas, which is where i am technically supposed to be right now. a multitude of events lead me to this point and they are as follows: we left in plenty of time for me to get to the airport on monday afternoon. however, the SUPERBOWL CHAMPION SAINTS were landing at roughly the same time we were making our trek, and since everyone in new orleans had black and gold fever, the traffic was BA-noodles, as the entire city came to the airport to see the players land. by the time i got to the check-in counter, i had missed my flight. i NEVER miss a flight by my own accord, and so this was frustrating to say the least. while i was trying to figure out my next move, i called my sweet kathleen aka my ride home on the other side to tell her that i was most definitely going to be late. she informed me that the 20% chance of maybe a little bit of snow that was forecasted for the little rock area late monday night had instead become a 100% chance of some pretty serious snow that showed up early instead. i don't even know if it was sunday or monday when it happened, all i know is that she emailed me a picture of the winter wonderland, and i knew then that, missed flight or no, i wasn't getting home monday regardless. so scott takes a deep breath and says, "why don't we both just stay the night in new orleans, and go to l.a. tomorrow?" well, i can think of a million reasons why not! i still have so much to do! i'm supposed to go back to work! my apartment is a mess! and that dvr is chalk full of important things that i really want to see! but i didn't care about any of that in that moment. i just said, "hell YES. let's do it!!!" so here i am, sitting on scott's couch, vacillating between thinking that this decision is completely irresponsible, and thinking this decision isn't so much a decision as an acceleration on an already-made plan. i've already talked to my parents several times, i talked to my boss, and i'm checking things off a list that must must MUST be taken care of. i clearly am i coming back; all i have with me is a weekend bag and i still have to deal with my car and my apartment and a myriad of other things. i think it'll be the weekend i was planning on having my bye-bye party so, for now, that plan is still in effect. until there is more news, i can just tell you that today's forecast is looking like a few teardrops, a ton of phone calls, some rest, perhaps a small panic attack and maybe some affirmation from friends in the form of "this was a good idea" comments? i don't know about that last part... you tell me.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

focus is not my forte

the following things are NOT on my mind twenty four hours a day:
  • getting out of my lease
  • selling my car
  • getting rid of all my furniture
  • my rapidly dwindling cash flow
  • my funny shape and its sore-thumb future in california
  • pesky taxes
  • too many bye byes to count

my blood pressure is high, but so is my confidence... for a few minutes each day. :) SIGH. reminder for self: you're good enough, you're smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like you. aaaaand REPEAT.

off to new orleans for the weekend. if you're lucky, you'll see a picture of me all dolled up for the mardi gras ball. i know, i know, you're waiting with baited breath.

enjoy your weekend, loverbugs. xox