Monday, July 30, 2007

tick tock tick tock

my lovely buffalo vacation is almost over. i do not want to leave my mommy here. *sigh* i don't land in little rock tonight until like 11 so pictures will have to wait. announcement: cancel all your flights on northwest before they do. more on that later.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

oh em gee

i'm maxed out to the max. i can't even think of anything to say that's worth blogging about, really. that's how bajumbled my brain is lately. i just feel like i should update because i like it so much when other people update. i'm at work, SURPRISE. and i'm here late. but i'm here alone, so it's actually kind of nice. well, i'm alone except for the janitor, but he listens to the oldies super loud and sings along so he's all right with me. too much workey, not enough sleepy. mama's bout to need a mental health day or something.

awwwwwww hell yeah. clapton's on the radio. and i still have a shitload to do. later gators.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

no love for jobs

i'm training for a new position at work. and my brain hurts. so i've adopted a new saying, "no brains, no headaches." who's with me? slade would know what i'm talking about.
special thanks to for always knowing exactly what to say. they're my hallmark. only free. and funny. and available online. okay it's quiet time.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

damn you central arkansas

nowhere north of faulkner county gets mosquitoes this badly. NOWHERE. i'm going crazy here with all the biting and the itching. and normally i am pretty good about not scratching bug bites. the urge to scratch a bite is one of like five things over which i have control. : ) but my feet are c-o-v-e-r-e-d from being outside all weekend and i must have scratched them ALL in my sleep. and by "ALL" i mean that there are literally like 20 bites on my feet right now. and. they. are. all. ITCHING. ahhhhhhhh make it stoooooop!!!!!!!! plus there must be some mutant mosquitoes at our house because even the bites i haven't scratched are enormous.
okay, back it up. this is an entire post about bug bites. that's sad. i will not be posting again until i have something more interesting to report. like maybe my discovery of a vaccine for mosquito bites.

Monday, July 16, 2007

dear diary

this and chandle's blog both broke my heart today. i mean, daaaamn. no weekend updates, kids. i don't remember a whole lot of it.

Friday, July 13, 2007

lovin me some today

reasons why i am a happy girl:
1) blogging gives me another chance to make a list. i'm starting to be kind of a list person.
2) it's f-f-f-friiiiday!
3) i got paid today with some FAT overtime what whaaat.
4) everyone's been updating like crazy! i love it!
5) big mike might be coming to town this weekend. oh please oh please oh please!
6) my sister is the proud new owner of mr. thomas o'malley, the un-alley cat.
7) i slept like a log last night. it's been a while.
8) i'm as into the urban dictionary as jackie is. i get daily emails. : )
9) my refrigerator is full of beer. like, so full the door may or may not be completely shut.
10) my number ten reason for being in a good mood is the above nine reasons. nine good things! what a lucky lady!
call me this weekend. all of you. i'll be either sober or drunk or on my way to one or the other. but no matter my alcohol intake, i'll be spreading the love. : )

Thursday, July 12, 2007

am i the only one?

sushi and i are not friends. i know, i know--- it's super trendy and good for you, too, right? i can't get behind it, people. remember that time at that place in little rock? were you there? what a disaster. i like avocado rolls, but that's really just avocado and rice. that's not really that big of a deal. raw tuna? are you kidding? count me out. i'll be at jade china. they may have rats in kitchen (if you believe the rumors... i choose not to), but at least the food's cooked. our whole department is going out to lunch at fuji together today and the boss is paying, so i guess i can something off of the hibachi grill, yeah?
announcement: it feels like friday. gd why is it not friday?

Monday, July 9, 2007

how things are

a quick update in list-form:
a) okay so i cheated on the harry potter reading. i watched the first two movies (there's no extra info in the books anyway) and i'm now in the middle of the third book.
b) harry potter weekend was interrupted by a traveller (traveler?)'s game saturday night, at which i had a blast and experienced the following (LOOK OUT! SUB-LIST!):
1) we won. in the bottom of the 9th. it was awesome.
2) we were on the jumbo-tron. which is pretty impressive if you're from mtn. home. but since i am completely photo-phobic i didn't really see it. i just hid my face and heard about it when it was done.
3) i ate my weight in frito chili pie. not smart.
c) speaking of my weight, i learned that i have gained 3/4 of what i'd lost back since i had all that lung stuff, quit smoking, stopped working out, and started eating like i have worms. i do not have worms, by the way.
d) speaking of smoking (wow, i'm getting good at these segways), i think it's really going well. i've had a few here and there. but nothing i would be ashamed to tell my doctor. woooo hooo! my body loves me again! well, my lungs do anyway. : )
e) my job is a BITCH and i'm sick of it. must. graduate. from. college. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. at least then i could say i have some chance of things getting better.
f) jenny called today and she's all ecstatic about the invites. me too, jenny!
g) and finally, i just got off the phone with kathleen, my dearest darling. and you know what? talking about groceries and boys and outdated dating lingo just really made my whole day. mmmmmm baby loves you kat. : )
and so this concludes what was intended to be a short post but has instead turned into a novel. thanks for tuning in. how was your monday?

Friday, July 6, 2007

i feel no shame

my name is melissa, and i am TOTALLY obsessed with harry potter. and i'm fine with that. tatum leaves for chicago today, dusty's still in mtn. home, and slade has to work all weekend. i thought to myself today, "what on earth will i do with all of that roommate-less time?" i had at first planned to clean our house as a surprise. but then today i had a way better idea. since the seventh and final (one tear falls for series enders) book comes out in like two weeks, i'm going to re-read all six harry potter books this weekend. i am almost certain i can do it. just me, my newly-cool room (whoever invented window units gets a big kiss from me), and all those books. i'm going to be cracked out on harry potter. i'm so excited i can't freaking wait. I SAID I CAN'T WAIT. does anyone else have a weekend plan as badass as mine?

Sunday, July 1, 2007

get up, get up...'s the first of the month. wake up, wake up. it's the first of the month. aaaaaand i'm blogging. froooooom work. yes, i am at work on a sunday. and, yes, i am displeased about it. don't get it twisted; the overtime will be nice. but it's sunday for cryin' out loud and here i am. i'm also blogging while still on the clock. shhhhh....