Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween!

if this doesn't scare you, i don't know what will. : ) it's dr. melissa... in teen wolf's mask. and that stuff all over my shirt? yeah, that's the bad-idea glow sticks that have STILL not washed out. guess it's time to try some shout or something. hope everyone has a great day! be safe trick-or-treating, and if you're handing out candy, don't be stingy! xoxo

Monday, October 29, 2007

thumbs DOWN monday...

...but it was a good weekend. matter of fact, it was a great weekend. friday night i was dr. mchottie at a party where i knew hardly anyone, and thank goodness because it was probably the most adult drama i've ever seen in one night, excluding thursday night television. eleise was SUPER cute as an eskimo and was SUPER sweet to allow me to borrow her outfit when i realized that the shin-dig in russellville was also a costume party. i couldn't wear the scrubs... we had some glow-sticks friday night... someone popped 'em open... i had fun drawing on myself... no time for laundry... anyhow. mike was a spartan, i was an eskimo, we both were maybe a little bit out of control.

but we seriously had a good time. so why thumbs down monday? i got to work at 6am, and came home at 8:30. i started getting all shaky and sweaty and pale and i felt like i was going to black out at about 7:15. so then i puked (GROSS) and then i ate something. and i feel no better. *sigh* so i came home and i actually just woke up. it's 1pm. i loooove days off, but not at this price. boooo. tomorrow's a new day. fingers crossed that i make it until then.

Friday, October 26, 2007

big ups, thursday

yesterday was a good day. yesterday was a VERY good day. after riding high on red sox fever all morning (my co-workers had reactions as extreme as yours to this behavior), i found out after lunch from megan, fingers on the pulse of the fast food nation, that the mcrib is back at mcdonald's. now now, i understand that most of you are snarling up your little lips and turning up your little noses. but i really love 'em. and they're back. so there's that. and, as if that wasn't enough, TATUM totally surprised me at work yesterday!!! she's back!!! she wasn't supposed to come home until today, but being the wiley little trickster she is, i should've known that she would pull a stunt like this. but since she is much smarter than me, she totally got me. and i'm glad she did. it was the greatest homecoming ever! i may have started to tear up a little bit, you know? i have missed this girl like crazy. like CRAZY. and then the red sox won again (!!!). and then i slept for like ten hours last night. and now it's a not-so-slow downhill slide into the weekend. "it's friday, i'm in love (with yesterday)."

Thursday, October 25, 2007

they could go ALL THE WAY

now, as a long- long- long-time red sox fan i understand exactly how foolish it is to praise this team too early, as they can and will break my heart. HOWEVER, if you watched game one of the series last night, then you know why i had to make today's post about them. 13-1 people. oh it was a massacre. and, your personal feelings for the sox aside (my own mother roots for the yankees... i must have been adopted), let's just all come together for just a moment and looooove some boston baseball. okay moment's up, so you can quit making that face, kat.
and did you see ANTM last night? what in the hell?!? i swear i've seen a lot of stuff in my life but that. was. AWESOME. (sorry about your car man, that sucks.) (the previous set of parentheses is a shout for anyone who loves chris farley as much as i do. as a matter of fact, as i was typing "chris" just now i accidentally put a "t" on the end of it. maybe it was no accident.) anyhow, ebony totally bailed and let mediocre ambreal stay when really that girl should've been bye-bye last week, in my opinion. arg. this cycle is BOring and it's driving me crazy. i miss jaslene.
seriously? i'm making no sense right now. must be red sox fever. : ) it's 6:41am. and i came to work to work and not to blog so i'd better get back to it. game two tonight!!! woo hoo!

Monday, October 22, 2007

do good feel good

i went to sleep friday night at 1am, knowing full well i would have to get up at 5am to go to the race for the cure. 5 on the dot---my cell phone rings and the chipper voice on the other end is the recipient of my jesus-i-need-more-sleep grumpiness. yes, i had my mom call to wake me up. no, i do not typically get up that early, especially on the weekend. yes, i realize this makes me a giant baby. no, i'm not twisted about it. i soooo thought about assing out. but you know what? i'm really glad i went. it felt great to be a part of something so big. and all the people on the sidelines made me feel kind of like a celebrity. and i got back home long about the time i'm usually waking up on saturdays, which was certainly a strange feeling. plus, it's not like i don't need the exercise. : )
co-worker sara gets a shout. she's such a cutie. this is us mid-5k. blurry, but i think adorable still. yes, our company shirts were camo. wow.

these firefighters were dancing to "push it." and when i say dancing, i mean BREAKIN IT DOWN. seriously. they were awesome.
funny, i don't remember asking him to come with me....

like a fool, i took no pictures of my sweet sister or my daddy all weekend. what a TOOL. next time, next time i promise. i hope everyone had as good a weekend as i did. megs, good to see you. sisters make the gardens grow. okay, gotta hit the bricks. i think it's movie night...

Friday, October 19, 2007

ramble ramble ramble

it's friday already? seriously? unbelievable. i've been saying it for weeks now, but i will actually try to relax tonight. i'm thinking about going to see a movie... any suggestions? i can't stay up too late because tomorrow is the race for the cure 5k in little rock, and my ride wants to leave at 6:15 am so we don't have any parking issues. just in case you missed it, tomorrow is saturday. and i'll be up by 5:30. booooooo. i'm going to mtn. home after the race to stay the night with my daddy, who i haven't seen since my birthday and will likely not see again until thanksgiving. one night's not enough, but i'll take what i can get. this also means i get to see meggers. and THAT is a guaranteed good time. speaking of birthdays (we were, yes?), i am officially 24 years and one month old today, but who's counting? : ) Xs and Os. have a good weekend.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

fun with flatlanders

it's weird, you know? i had my camera with me at all times last weekend and for some reason i only got like five quality pictures. and that's a real shame because, as i recall, there were plenty of kodak moments. and the only good shot i got of the soon to be former miss barrow is this one of her performing surgery on herself when the parrot bra proved too flimsy for her wiley ways. she looks super pretty though, huh?

i think this one of brooke is adorable and hilarious at the same time. she's much braver than i am when staring at the business end of an extreeeme close-up. i'm pretty sure she was saying, "these shoes SUCK."
so at the homecoming game aka breeziest day of all time, kat came to say hello. and while she was at it, the wind caught her hair just so for this AWESOME picture (oooooklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains... they ain't messin' around y'all). she looks like she's in an after-school special. but she's one of those kids. you know, the ones who DRINK at the PROM. are you crazy? you are just asking for trouble. so anyway that's about it. where am i in the slideshow, you ask? i wasn't really there, i guess. : ) so now it's the end of a very long day, i'm feeling less sick, eating a turkey sammie, watching america's next top model (OF COURSE i am), and getting ready to work another, oh, 10 1/2 hours tomorrow. wish me luck. : ) and IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, my sweet little meg pie started a blog after much pressure and duress. be sure to check her out. she is all the good things i am, only to a much higher degree. later gators.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

la lista de martes

a) jenny's bachelorette was out of control. i only wish i had gotten there sooner. : ) i'll post the pics later. i know i always say that, but i really mean it today.
b) i felt like a fish out of water at the homecoming game, which is a bit strange for a social butterfly like me. there were, however, moments of glory, such as the white girls-gang signs tribute above. yes, i'm wearing a tu t-shirt. no, i did not go to school there. do somethin'.
c) someone got fired at my office monday. i will not miss her, but i will miss her being there to do her work. as it is, all of it's been split among us. i was busy before this happened.
d) i am sick sick sick. this is the first cold i've had in a loooong time and i feel like i may die. my throat hurts and my chest hurts and my head hurts and i took a three hour nap after work today. i do not have time to be sick right now. please see letter (c).
e) i just got a belated birthday card from miss jenn jenn, a left-behind and much-missed ex-coworker. thanks sugar. : )
f) dear jesus or god or mother nature or whoever, i know you're busy with kat's request to lose 5 lbs before mexico, but if you have time, i'd like to drop about 30. amen.

Friday, October 12, 2007

aaaaand scene

well i feel better after yesterday's meltdown for sure. and even though i have a TON of work to do today, all i can think about is leaving for tulsa and showering the bride-to-be in panties. that sounds a lot weirder than it's meant to. okay, i hope everyone has a good weekend, and i'll catch you on the flip flop. laterrrrrr.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

gritted teeth

i have inherited some lovely attributes from my parents. i am optimistic, nurturing, forgiving, and (i think) clever. on the flip side, i've developed some of their negative traits as well (sorry, mom. you know it's true). and letting small, manageable nuisances amass into ginormous problems has trickled down from probably generations back. you would think someone who talks as much as i do would prefer productive communication to annoyed silence.
i am at the end of my rope today due to complete thoughtlessness from others and my foolish willingness to believe it is unintentional. it's mounted and mounted and mounted, and now here i am, FURIOUS and frustrated. no need for details; you never know who is spying. but suffice it to say i've had enough and the lid has blown. i can see the end of this ugly streak from where i am, so i should be back to sunshine-y me soon. until then, i will try to remain as normal as possible. after all, no one wants to hug a cactus.

Monday, October 8, 2007

master of my domain

what whaaaaaaaat i figured out how to do this picture biz. and it only took me half an hour and a roommate's help. whatever i did it. : ) ohhhhh big mike came to town this weekend and it was definitely exactly what the doctor ordered. i only wish he could've stayed longer. here is pictorial proof that i not only go where i say i do, but also that i am capable of making technology my friend.

the bottle is empty. jessica's sooooo saaaaad.

slade has no recollection of this moment. he was announcing my birthday to the entire bar. this is why we are friends. : )

mr. mike is the very bestest. especially for putting up with me when i'm in this mood.

that's about all i got today, kids. i'm worn out from this picture business. okay i'm going to bed now. maybe i'll be more exciting tomorrow. kiss kiss. night night.

Friday, October 5, 2007

party like a rockstar

we totally do. so big mike and friends are coming to town this weekend to see if it's possible to have more fun in little rock than it is in russellville. i'm betting we can work it out. although i threatened to post a hilarious and embarrassing photo of the giant red one, i found this today and thought it was way way way better. that's mike doing air splits. ask him nicely and you can see it in person.
so it's friday and it's about damn time. at this time tomorrow i will be sleeping and not working. that thought is more than likely enough to keep me going today. and since saturday night will probably see me drowning in beer, i think i shall take this evening to order a pizza, drink a glass of wine (or two or three) and watch aladdin, the incredibles, the little mermaid, or finding nemo. or all of them. who knows?
take it easy, friends. have a good weekend. and if you're in the greater little rock area tomorrow night and want to see me look short in comparison to someone, give me a call.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

already better

october will be good, i am certain. and it will start today. birthday wishes are in order for my sweetest sweetheart, heather. if you don't read her blog you should because she is a wise owl for sure. i love you heather. giver of great advice, beholder of sage wisdom, drier of many tears, reason for sunny days. love love love love love and happy happy birthday. xoxox

Monday, October 1, 2007

set out the cheese, i'll bring the whine

so i finally found out why i can't load my pictures and display them here for you to see. it's because THE CARD READER ON DUSTY'S LAPTOP IS BUSTED, not because i am dumber than the average bear. ha. i win. i did not have a good day today. my darling malibu is broken A-gain and i'm almost certain it's because i dared mention that misfortune in a recent post, thus prompting the gods to rain down on me and my smugness for having moved past the jacked-up-ride trauma. anyhow, sugar's getting towed to the garage in the am. i'll let you know how it turns out. *sigh* i am working OT like it's my job lately (actually, it kind of is my job...) so i'm not in the best of moods. and today the work i usually finish by 10am took until after lunch. not all right. and from where am i blogging right now? wooooooooooork. that's right. bout to jump in again for another couple of hours. if i was as dedicated to my hotness as i am to this cubicle, i'd be bangin' fine by now for sure. i wonder if that saying, "in like a lion, out like a lamb" applies only to seasons or if single months count, too.... cause october for sure is stinking so far, and it's only day one.