Thursday, July 24, 2008

obligatory post

jackie tagged me, and she's right, i haven't blogged in a while. i'm so obsessed with reading all of yours that i neglect my own. no one's perfect, right? : ) okay, six quirky things about me:
1) i'm terrified of birds. i wasn't always so scared, but ever since i had to scoop up a dead bird on my back porch when i was 16, i have not been the same. yeesh.
2) ever since i was a little kid, i have been a habitual finger-crosser. i cross my fingers all the time when i'm thinking of something i want to happen or something i need to remember. the beauty of it is, the next time i cross my fingers, i always remember whatever it was. who needs post its? : )
3) i don't sweat under my arms. i can't explain this. i sweat everywhere else that humans are supposed to. this may or may not be a disease. ???
4) nothing drives me crazier than when people scrape their teeth on forks. GOOD GOD. the sound makes the fillings in my teeth hurt.
5) i'm almost 25 and completely direction-less. i'm not sure if this qualifies as quirky, but there it is. : )
and finally, get ready to be grossed out,
6) i make myself puke if i've had to much to drink. i've never been hungover in my lifetime (knock on wood) and i think this is why: when i get to the point where the room is spinning and i can't fall asleep, i will induce vomiting. i know that's disgusting but i would much rather puke when i'm wasted than puke the next morning.
so there you have it.
i will tag...
brooke and
later gators. : )