Friday, November 30, 2007

feel good, inc.

man, this is exactly how i feel right now. do you ever just get so excited that you don't think everything going on inside of you will fit in your body all day? yeah, i'm there. i'm SO there. : ) and i have a feeling that even if it was monday morning and i had a ton of work to do and dirty hair and a bunch of pimples that i would still feel this way. i will be glad to wear laugh lines on my face for the rest of my days if it means i can keep this smile permanently. if you're close, come give me a hug and you can share the goodness with me. have a GREAT weekend, and know that your friend melissa loves you. *sigh* HOORAY FOR THIS FEELING! xoxo

Monday, November 26, 2007

holiday hangover

it's always bittersweet this time of year, yes? yes, indeed. thanksgiving doesn't last long enough, and christmas has started already, even though it's a month away. why so soon? don't we get even a week of non-holiday normalness? no? okay, then. in that case, every year from now on, i will begin to celebrate thanksgiving on the day after halloween. look for me to put on a good ten to twenty lbs next fall.
on the homefront, my darling roommate / future boss (when he's elected president he's promised me the position of press secretary. SCORE!) turned 24. welcome to the club, good sir. he'll be getting a letter from aarp soon, yeah? we're sad here for two reasons: a) i was in mtn. home on his birthday this weekend. baby hates to miss a birthday, especially one belonging to someone as dope-ass as slade, and b) we switched glasses. neither of us can see a damn thing.
i have nothing exciting to report. nothing at all. i'll keep you posted. maybe i'll stub my toe or something and then i'll have something to bitch about. holla holla. : )

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

thanksgiving, king of holidays

every time my life is busy, i wish everything would calm down. and then when the happenings are coming at a glacial pace, i wish for some excitement. i am currently dealing with the latter and hoping for something anti-boring to come along soon. sidenote: i realize that thoughts like this often bring a negative return. i'm knocking on wood, so don't get it twisted. dear gods of thanksgiving, please grant me the wisdom to appreciate the tempo of my life, regardless of the speed. i hope everyone has a great thanksgiving, and i'll leave you with my favorite recipe in response to elizabeth and kat:
melissa's thanksgiving dinner (from beginning to end)
1) sit on couch
2) yell at dad in the kitchen to see if he needs any help
3) secretly hope he does not need any help
4) go to the table when you're called
5) ooh and ahh over all the delicious food (you don't even have to pretend because OF COURSE it will be delicious)
6) offer to help clean up
7) secretly hope dad tells you to relax while he cleans up
8) slip into trytophan coma
9) love your dad, love him all the way to the moon and back
THE END. happy thanksgiving. love love.

Monday, November 19, 2007

hey, remember me?

i guess i've kind of been a d-bag about blogging lately, huh? but most everything that's been going on with me in the last little bit has been of a personal nature, and i would feel uncomfortable releasing it to the internet. but no worries; it's mostly been good stuff (really good!) so there's that. : ) i will say this much: look out turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and various other thanksgiving food items. mama's comin' home to DESTROY YOU. and by "destroy you" i mean eat until my skin is too tight for my body. it's a short work-week and i'll see my daddy and my sweet sister in just a few days. hooray! thanksgiving is the best holiday, above all others (except for my birthday, naturally). le sigh. i'm pretty excited. : ) hope everyone has been doing well. sorry for my hermit-ness. i will try to do better. xox
p.s. now that the wedding and all it's festivities are over, when will i see the tulsans (and my one okc-er) again? hmmm... let's make a plan.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

sleepy girl

life lesson #6822: don't eat potato soup and two rolls with butter AND honey for lunch if you want to stay awake through the rest of your work day. this video is hilarious. i will have to view it a minimum of 61 more times in order to avoid cubicle-napping. happy tuesday. : )

p.s. thanks for the finger-crossing. i think it's helping...

Monday, November 12, 2007

highest highs, lowest lows

ups and downs, that's what it's all about right? i had a fantastic friday night with someone new whose company i enjoy more and more. and i had a fantastic saturday with my roommates plus a few new faces, just relaxing at the house and laughing until it hurts which is the cure for any ailment. and i was having a fantastic sunday, until i got terrible, terrible news that's affecting someone i love. i won't go into it because i know that would only make matters worse. but may i make a request? after you read this, can you close your eyes tightly or cross your fingers or say a prayer for some unknown heartbreak? it would mean the world to me, if only me. a happier post tomorrow, i hope.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

quiero vivir aqui

oh my god it was AMAZING. literally. no words can describe how beautiful it was. the city, the villa, the people... everything and everyone was incredible. i never wanted to leave, and please believe i seriously considered staying forever. come to think of it, why did i come back? *sigh*

this is the view from the room brooke and i shared. it looks like a postcard, yeah?
bridesmaids, looking very bridesmaid-y. and aren't we all so tan and cute? yes, we are.
mr. and mrs. munsell. this was the most gorgeous wedding i've ever been to. jeff and jenny looked perfect and their vows were so touching and i cried my little eyes out. you could literally feel love radiating from everyone's pores. it was mushy, mushy, mushy, and totally amazing.
this is a picture from this rockin' church we found. i felt like a better person when i walked out of there, even though i didn't speak to anyone. it's probably better that i didn't. : )
puerto vallarta was rad, the wedding was rad, the company was rad, and if i was stuck in the movie "groundhog day," any one of those days would've suited me just fine for the rest of my life. book your vacation now. thank me later.

Friday, November 2, 2007

my brain hurts

you know, from all the thinking. work is stressing me out. i mean, it'll be fine; it's just my job. but i am stressed regardless. the good news is, IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS I WILL BE ON MY WAY TO MEXICO! the bad news is job stress will be here when i get back. anyhow, i guess my friday morning bottom line is this: vacation good, job not.
so i was pulling up my flight itinerary yesterday and i saw a little link to a website with helpful information for travelers. i clicked on it, and it had most of your basic stuff for mexico (don't drink the water, pack plenty of sunscreen, blah blah blah). but one thing struck me as interesting... this site advised packing anti-diarrhea medicine. wow. now, on the one hand, i don't necessarily want to be the girl who brought meds to keep from getting the runs. on the other hand, i don't want to be the girl who thought it would be dumb to bring it and then wishes later that she had. what to do, what to do. any thoughts?
i hope everyone has a good weekend. expect plenty of pictures upon my return. xox