Thursday, February 8, 2007

all my friends know the low rider

happy belated birthday to my roommate dusty!!! tater tot made him a chocolate cake with dinosaurs on it to celebrate. i plan to celebrate by finishing the cake while all my house mates are out of town. so, check it: it's girls' night and that included some skeezers (yeah, we finished it. do somethin.) and some beers. yummo. girls' night also included an entertaining, although slightly cryptic, epidode of grey's. what was up with that little girl? was she sent to seattle to kill meredith? oh please, oh please, oh please writers of hospital drama, make my dreams come true. kill off meredith and call it hot plastic surgeon's anatomy. iye iye iye for real! jenny and sarah, come back to little rock. right now. holla back.

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big_meg said...

what what what? three entries on your blog and not one mention of megan? wtf sister?