Monday, February 26, 2007

a rooster in the hen house

i'm not gonna lie. there is a full on creepy old man that works in my office. ick. yucky to the max. he has never said or done anything to offend me outright, but i just get the heebie jeebies, you know? pretty much everything about him screams, "i am a grosso and it is my job to make you shudder at the mere sound of my voice." i probably shouldn't be so judgemental since i haven't given the guy a chance to be nice to me AT ALL. as a matter of fact, people have commented before on my tendency to either love or despise people within 2 minutes of meeting them. but it's hard to quit judging right off the bat when i am ALWAYS RIGHT. you just get a good vibe or a bad one, as far as i'm concered. and creepy fax guy at work definitely gives off a b-a-d v-i-b-e. like a million of them. if we have to have a boy in our otherwise entirely female workplace, why oh why can't it be bradley cooper? xox times infinity, b-list actor.


Anonymous said...

bradley cooper got married. get the net. sorry sister, but who's going to tell you if not your bff?

melissa said...

UM MOM AND DAD CALLED. THEY SAID SOMETIMES MARRIED PEOPLE GET DIVORCED. bradley cooper and i could still end up together, you meanie. :D

Jennifer said...

ummm funny did you ever think that maybe you give that old man the heebie jeebies....huh did you.

You disgust me

Oh party at my place Saturday 17th. See you there beaatch