Saturday, February 17, 2007

this is how we do it

so a bunch of us went to the saucer last night and got, well, sauced. the ridiculous things that happened last night include, but are not limited to, the following (kat! check it out! i'm making a list!):
a) some strange guy was taking pics of our little group on his cell phone and tatum and i flipped out and got him officially ejected from a public place.
b) a man who was 100 years old if he was a day, clad in jeans and a women's size xs shirt, shook his ass all up around our table to varying degrees of discomfort before he, too, was asked to cool out.
c) the semi-talented, somewhat-attractive guitar player turned out to be a wookie. that's how tall he was. seriously, he was huge.
d) like an idiot, after many beers and at the insistence of my friends who wish i was a show pony, i wrote my name and phone number on a dollar and put it in the tip jar for said wishy-washy guitarist. (good god what was i thinking....)
e) we definitely got pulled over and slade definitely passed a breathlyzer (sp?) and we definitely all bow at the feet of karma.
f) said fool guitarist ended up calling. wow. UNbelievable.
g) i woke up this morning (it was barely still morning) like i wake up most saturdays: laughing my ass off because i had a f*cking BLAST last night. : )
this is my official shout out to everyone who came out last night---it was a riot and you guys are awesome. don't be a stranger now. peace.


Jillian said...

I can't believe Ben the guitarist called you...

Sarah said...

you're hilarious.

brooke knight said...