Tuesday, February 13, 2007

jesus h. haney

my little tater tot turned 23 on saturday. she's growing up so damn fast. she and i watched the grammys (it's not grammies, is it?) together on sunday night and, being that it was the most boring awards show of all time, we decided to finally compile a list of things that have happened to us that belong in a movie to be written later. exhibit a: we recently agreed that work and school would go much more smoothly if the weekend was in the middle. you know, start work on wednesday. have saturday and sunday off as usual, and then go back to work for monday and tuesday. we had a plan. i was about to start a letter writing campaign. after about 2 full minutes we looked at each with the same realization: that's dumb because the week would still be structured exactly the same. i understand that this may be stupid-sounding, but believe you me, we were in tears we were laughing so hard. yikes. happy birthday for the whole month, little girl. you're awesome.

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Sarah said...

who is your little tater?

love, the hater