Friday, February 9, 2007

ode to my womb-mate

all right, meg, here's your post, hot stuff. my sister megan may be the coolest person on the whole damn planet (after me, of course). we've been sisters for a lot of years now, and i can't say that anyone else i've ever known could hold even a birthday candle to the notorious m.e.g.
dude, remember that room at that nasty holiday inn in orlando and no one spoke english and we couldn't stop crying? that's what i'm talking about. so, potential commenters, please show some love. she's the shit. and no one knows that more than me.

p.s. R.I.P. anna nicole. we hardly knew ye.


Rayvin said...

Oh I love thee.

Anonymous said...

iye iye iye!! now that's what i'm talking about. remember how we spent every dime we had to get that hotel room and then had to find a way to eat and travel for free the next two days? oh, good times. and then i thought they were going to kick me out so i started crying again and they felt bad for me. h-o-t-t hot.

Sarah said...

womb-mate, that's awesome.