Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i'll get better at this i swear

colleen t. haney--- the "t" stands for "tenacious."

that's a pretty steep hill... all i need now is an inner tube.

we missed the parade last night in capital city, but believe it or not, no one died of boredom. *quick question--- will we ever go anywhere but the saucer? seriously?* so i'm a pool shark. no, really. i kick total ass at pool. actually, i'm thinking of making "billiards ass kicker" my full-time job. does anyone know where i can get some business cards made up? meanwhile, in the great state of new york, the lady up there next to some weird mardi gras sideshow act (isn't my mama purdy? mmm... we loves her to infinity and BEYOND) just bought a new house! there's a picture up there somewhere if i did this right... multiple pics on one post... must be a manual around here somewhere... anyhow, congrats to mi madre on the new abode. let's make sure the guest room's nice and toasty when i get there. baby gets cold real easy-like.


katandkarl said...

stay warm baby. mama needs you to live so she can check your blog everyday and leave you lovey lovey comments!

we almost went downtown last night but the margaritas at el porton put a dent in THE PLAN.

Anonymous said...

your mom looks like my mom.

Pittman said...

Don't feel bad about only going to the saucer. None of my friends like going to the river market anymore, so I have to make do with Pizza D's, which I actually like better. Or the fountain, which I wish someone would burn to the ground. I fucking hate sitting on table stools.