Friday, April 17, 2009

westside story

so it's been a couple weeks since i got back home from california, and i'm just now getting around to uploading my pictures. you want to be surprised, don't you? but you're not, are you? :) we went to hollywood and in between trying to get jimmy kimmel tickets (no luck) and dodging crazy people (yikes yikes yikes), i managed to get a picture of one star, and one star only. the good is news, ms. dolly parton's star is worth five other less fabulous celebrities' stars. all hail dolly!

we went to this rad observatory from which the view of los angeles looked positively perfect. even the smog looked kind of pretty. that sounds ridiculous, but it's true. the whole place was awesome, and there were lots of interactive displays and fun stuff to play with. this is what we look like in infrared. although between me putting the camera in front of his face, the glare from the flash, and the mysterious dark spot on my cheek (was i wearing a lot of blush that day?), the picture isn't nearly as cool as i'd anticipated. oh well.

megan asked me to take a picture of the hollywood sign, and i tried several times to get a good one, but i'm a lousy photographer and my camera is not built for miles-long zooming. but i mean, you can still see it, right? so, megan? your hollywood sign pic? i'd say that's a check!

fun fun fun on the west coast! have a good weekend. love love. :)


Jax said...

I never got to see the Hollywood sign! So jealous! :) The walk of stars is pretty cool, right? I felt like one of those people in wal mart who stops every 5 feet b/c that's what I was doing to take pictures of sidewalk stars. haha. And YAY for your new apt!!

Sarah said...

dude, while i appreciate the pics, i would like a few more. you're a tease. tease. tease.

miss you nonetheless.


Megan said...

MAN. first of all, yes, that picture of the hollywood sign will do. i appreciate it. secondly, i happen to know of a california story that you're not sharing with everyone. you know, the one about seeing a certain trio of famous musical brothers on the street. i think you know what i'm talking about and it's a good story to share. hell, you might even want to dedicate an entire post to it. just saying. xoxo

Big Mike said...

Sure, it's cool that you got a pic of Dolly Parton's star, but do you know what star that you should photograph? Jack Palance. Put that on your "Things to do the next time I'm in L.A." List. Yeah, that'll keep you busy.

Stacia said...

Dolly Rocks =)
I have a cd, yep I do!