Monday, April 27, 2009

dear skeezy dudes

yes, i saw you at the bar saturday night but, no, i was not affected by your attendance. yes, i felt you breathing on my neck but, no, i was not at all interested. yes, i understand that the place was packed but, no, i don't think that means you get to dance as close as you want. yes, i don't see nothin' wrong with a little bump and grind but, no, i don't see that as more than a catchy song. yes, i plan on going home alone but, no, i don't want anyone to try and change my mind about that.

moral of the story: you are ewwy and disgusting. keep your hands to yourself, you nasty pieces of shit.


Jax said...

bahahahaha! "you nasty pieces of shit" made me laugh out loud. OUT. LOUD. I had a guy this weekend say "are you gonna get off that cell phone." I said "no." He said "Where's your boyfriend tonight?" I said "On the other end of the cell phone. go away."

Ugh. Creepers. CREEPERS.

Stacia said...

Those guys are just plain douchebags!!

care said...

how do you really feel? ;)

miya p. said...

what? it doesn't raise your self-esteem to have scummy pricks rubbing up against you with their ... well you get the point.

i feel good about making people bleed if you are interested.

Big Mike said...

Listen, I was drunk, and it was ONE NIGHT. As far as the heavy breathing, I HAVE ASTHMA!