Monday, November 26, 2007

holiday hangover

it's always bittersweet this time of year, yes? yes, indeed. thanksgiving doesn't last long enough, and christmas has started already, even though it's a month away. why so soon? don't we get even a week of non-holiday normalness? no? okay, then. in that case, every year from now on, i will begin to celebrate thanksgiving on the day after halloween. look for me to put on a good ten to twenty lbs next fall.
on the homefront, my darling roommate / future boss (when he's elected president he's promised me the position of press secretary. SCORE!) turned 24. welcome to the club, good sir. he'll be getting a letter from aarp soon, yeah? we're sad here for two reasons: a) i was in mtn. home on his birthday this weekend. baby hates to miss a birthday, especially one belonging to someone as dope-ass as slade, and b) we switched glasses. neither of us can see a damn thing.
i have nothing exciting to report. nothing at all. i'll keep you posted. maybe i'll stub my toe or something and then i'll have something to bitch about. holla holla. : )


a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

and? you look better than any of those cheap, hussy skanks in the post below. I MEEEEEEEEEEEEEAN!!


Big Mike said...

I guess you didn't snap any thanksgiving day photos of your pops and darling sister? Heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday slade! you two look so cute.

Anonymous said...

you look haute in glasses, lover! Also, I think I need to re-do my celeb look alikes b/c I didnt get ANYONE good!!

Sarah said...

hey is that rusty?

miss you.

care said...

so, do you spend your free time practicing pouting? 'cause that's a good pout, if I do say so myself.

and I'm with jackie--your celebrity lookalikes rock. one time I did it and I knew exactly none of the names on it!