Friday, November 2, 2007

my brain hurts

you know, from all the thinking. work is stressing me out. i mean, it'll be fine; it's just my job. but i am stressed regardless. the good news is, IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS I WILL BE ON MY WAY TO MEXICO! the bad news is job stress will be here when i get back. anyhow, i guess my friday morning bottom line is this: vacation good, job not.
so i was pulling up my flight itinerary yesterday and i saw a little link to a website with helpful information for travelers. i clicked on it, and it had most of your basic stuff for mexico (don't drink the water, pack plenty of sunscreen, blah blah blah). but one thing struck me as interesting... this site advised packing anti-diarrhea medicine. wow. now, on the one hand, i don't necessarily want to be the girl who brought meds to keep from getting the runs. on the other hand, i don't want to be the girl who thought it would be dumb to bring it and then wishes later that she had. what to do, what to do. any thoughts?
i hope everyone has a good weekend. expect plenty of pictures upon my return. xox


Anonymous said...

1. Bring the meds.
2. Dont have drinks with ICE at places out of the hotel(it's made from their water)
3. Watch out for lettuce at off-beat places (washed in their water)
4. Dont get a henna tattoo. haha.. Seriously. Aaron got one and it was some kind of bad henna they use down there. It almost scarred his arm forEVER. It's called "black henna." Look it up. Gross.

HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!!!! You'll be fine. Eat whatever.. just bring the meds.. hahahahaha. :)Please take pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know who JAX is, but I ditto the advice big-time. There'll be more, but we'll talk tomorrow.
XOX (you-know-who...)

Big Mike said...

Take the meds.

care said...

again, with the bring 'em. no one has to know.

and if you or anyone else ends up needing them? you're kinda the hero.

also, please have a drink for me. thank you kindly. :)

Anonymous said...

definitely bring em. pics taken from the toilet? are not that fun. your fans are unanimous. have an ab-so-lute blast honey!!

Chandle said...

Definitely bring the meds. From the girl who got a parasite, don't get caught with your pants down, for hours and hours.