Sunday, August 2, 2009

soy la ganadora

so, i let the blog go a little, and it was the middle of july before i really realized it. so i made a bet with myself that i could go blog-silent for the full month, and i did. iiiiii win. (what's the name of this game?) (i win.) i think spewing ridiculousness on twitter helped with the quietude. anyhoodle, i'm back, i guess.

what have i been up to? oh, you know, same old shit. working playing losing weight gaining weight laughing dancing singing on stage (that's a new one) and did i mention drinking? so you haven't missed much, unless you've missed me. in which case, back atcha. still loving my messy little apartment and diggin' on my bad ass boyfriend. still giving mucho hugs and kisses and driving with the windows down. still putting off pedicures and eating too much cheese dip. things don't change much around here, folks.

anyhow, look forward to pictures, eventually. i recently purchased new batteries for my camera and i have missed several kodak moments as of late, so i'll be remedying that on the quick. you haven't seen my new(ish) place! you haven't seen how long my hair has gotten! you haven't seen my cute little laptop from which i am blogging RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND! lots to see, much to post.

love love love love love. catch you on the flip flop.


Jax said...

I've missed you.. and this camera battery thing sounds awfully promising for photos soon, lady!! :) and speaking of the post below this one.. have you ever been to It's hilarious!

Megan said...

DUDE. glad you're back...even though i feel like we've seen each other more in the past month than we have in the past six. anyway, love you. keep blogging. xoxo

Sarah said...

be waiting on this side of the flip flop.

love you.

will you be coming to brooke's baby shower? maybe that is when you can love those lucia cheeks.

miya p. said...

i haven't thrown this one out in a while so...BOOOOOOOSH. so glad to see you around.

in fact, i think singing on stage is awesome. in fact, i can't wait to see pics. AND, in fact, i did miss you.

xo pretty lady.

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