Sunday, May 3, 2009

for real though

this rain can take a fucking hike. i'm over it. the novelty is no longer present. i am typically a pro-rain person, but this bout of it has caused the following small tragedies:
  • dangerous drive back from russellville yesterday going 15 mph below the speed limit west on I-40
  • cancelled meiko concert at festival in town that i was really REALLY looking forward to
  • saturday night at home instead of out, which was good for my body but bad for my mood
  • sopping wet jeans bottoms all day every day
  • overuse of windshield wipers and a reminder that i need to replace them both
  • crazy hair... i am less than cute as a frizzy head
the good news is that i'm pretty sure there is no pollen in sight anywhere. plus, i don't wash my car so mother nature's got the malibu looking all shiny.

hope everyone had a good weekend. if you're dry, i'm envious. (that's what she said.)


Big Mike said...

MOVIE DAY! I'm jealous. I have to start prepping for my finals....

Jax said...

Doooooood. I so feel ya on the wet jeans. Ugh. I'm OVER the rain. Totally and completely over it. Arg. But, I have to say I'm saving money staying home...haha.. So, whatever.

miya p. said...

maybe the first time *ever* that the weather here is better than the weather...well anywhere (we have pretty consistently crap weather ...and employment rates and crime rates, oh michigan, you win for being the worst)

but buck up little bear, you'll get through this and then it will be springtime, love, and playing jacks on the sidewalk all day every day.

♥Joy♥ said...

Products by Tresemme' that I live by for the frizzies:
**no-frizz ultra light shine spray
**so sleek extra hold defrizzing gel
**smoothe anti-frizz secret hair creme

you rock. ty for the comment! it was mucho appreciated! i'm trying to lose another few lbs before posting before and afters...the chest area isn't much different and it makes me still appear to be rather heavy. =(

care said...

boo hiss on wet jeans. at least you have a cute umbrella, right?

is it dry there yet?