Tuesday, May 12, 2009

rush of love

i've used both of these pictures before. i'm fine with that, and i'm sure you are, too. tatum and heather, so different and so alike. these little ladybugs have known me for so long, so much longer than sometimes i remember. they know so much about the me that existed before i knew most of you. they know my strengths, tolerate my faults, and love me truly. and of course, i love them to the moon and back every day, but especially on days like today, when they are so truly themselves: so naturally beautiful, so unflinchingly tough, so effortlessly gracious.

big ups, homegirls. you are each my north star in human form.


Jax said...

Like it. And I also want to steal your saying "north star in human form." I love that!

Megan said...

sweet post, sister. love you.

Big Mike said...

Nice one, lk.