Monday, April 2, 2007

why do good girls like bad boys?

(yes, i know the title is lame. but that's kind of an okay song.)
ha! celebrity dream date jason statham and that other guy from snatch look like they want me to come sit down and a cup of coffee with them. how nice. : )
monday was quick people. i spent an hour going over my insurance benefits with this lady from HR (who, incidentally, is just as sweet as pie. no i'm not being sarcastic.) and i have to say that i'm scoring some pretty nice swag in the world of benefits, folks. baby loooooves her some cheap-o doctor's visits. hope your monday was as non-brutal as mine. holla.


brooke knight said...

pshaw...i ran around like a crazy person all day. jason stratham and daniel craig should be the bread in a brooke sandwich, by the way.
that would be a delicious sandwich.

Big Mike said...

I'm glad you had a good Monday. As for bad boys, I'd hook up with Jason Statham and Vinnie Jones if given the opportunity. I'm sure that's no surprise though.