Thursday, April 19, 2007

i missed you, blog

wow. i haven't blogged in, like, six days. i wish i could say that is because i have had better things to do but, unfortunately, that would be a fabrication. i guess i just ran out of shit to say for a minute. but silence from me is always temporary so I'M BACK. let's see.... what of any importance or humor has happened... i know! friday night, some douche burned me with a cigarette and then knocked my drink out of my hands sending it straight into my cleavage (the little that's there). all this while asking me to dance. wow. welcome to little rock. saturday night we had a little impromptu house party which turned out to be a blast. except i drank too much too quickly and assed out like an hour after the party started. oops. (the picture above is from said party and i promise that tatum's tongue is not in jessica's ear. but it sure does look like that, huh?) i spend sunday moseying (sp?) around in west little rock with my roommate trying desparately to convince myself that, no, i do not need a 42" LCD plasma screen TV, regardless of what best buy says. do i?... and monday through today has pretty much been business as usual. by which i mean staving off the desire to kick coworkers in the shins and trying (probably in futility) to get my ass into shape.
so i guess that about wraps it up. see? you didn't miss much. ***incidentally, this is what i look like after 3 double shots of some pretty hard liquor and god only knows how many beers.

um, yikes.


Big Mike said...

I have a few things to comment on: First, today is 4/20. Yeeeah. Secondly, the most disturbing part of the Tatum-JTower picture isn't Tatum's tongue. It's her eyes. Thirdly, the "ball and chain" wants me to do something with her next weekend. "Something" will no doubt be sitting at home, doing nothing since she never wants to have any *insert ominous music* fun.

Anonymous said...

yo yo yo. good to know you've haven't gone cold turkey on the blogging, which is what i feared. good to have you back. what else am i supposed to do with my time?