Monday, April 23, 2007

no, i am not kidding

just a quick note-- for the third time in less than 10 business days there is a gentleman outside in the park, with a microphone that's hooked up to a BULLHORN quoting scriptures. he's all by himself out there, and i wonder if you have to have a permit for that kind of thing. i may go and ask him when i take this afternoon's smoke break. weekend updates later. and finally, WHAT THE HELL?!? i mean, i don't see any burning bushes around here.


Elizabeth Spann said...

When I went to UCA, some people set up shop outside the student center, calling the women whores for wearing shorts and all of us "fornicators." Good to see things haven't changed!

Big Mike said...

It's good to know that jesus has a sense of humor. It's obvious that IF god exists, he "told" that guy to do that so that he could sit on his big, soft, fluffy cloud and laugh his ars off. Oh, jesus, you slay a strictly non-crucifying type of way.

Anonymous said...

get your church on haney. don't be a hater. hoho loves her some haney!!!! xoxoxoxoxo