Tuesday, April 10, 2007

i washed my face and that should be enough

it would be really nice if i could drag my ass out of bed before 7:30 every morning. i'm sure my coworkers think i'm an orphan by now since i come in here all scraggly and plain-faced. i promise you, girls who love to come to my cubicle and chit chat about nonsense, i do have a home and i understand that mascara application is crucial.
at any rate, it is a blah-ass rainy tuesday and i would so much rather be at home in my big warm bed then here in my below freezing office. and besides not having to change out of my pjs and napping all day, the biggest bonus about staying home would have been that no one looks at me like i'm a ragamuffin when i decide that the mascara can wait. : )
i love this comic. the first time i saw it i laughed out loud for about 2 solid minutes. is that weird? it can't be weird if it's true. love love love me some toothpaste for dinner.


Big Mike said...

I think the girls that come into your cubicle must be jealous because you can be beautiful without the hassle of mascara. Meanwhile, they sit at home for at least an hour applying WAY too much make-up.

Anonymous said...

it can't be weird if it's true? omg now i'm laughing out loud. good call mama. RIP anna nicole...you brought so many useless quotes in our lives.

Jennifer said...

Jeff says I should shower more.

Can you email me your address??
God only knows what I'll get emailed after displaying me email address on your site. "Hey everyone this girls will f&*@ for a buck" Hahahaha Come see me this weekend...DO IT!!!

Jennifer said...

hahaha.. I put me address instead of my address. Sounds like I;m irish. Good times

Jax said...

Hey hooker! I quit my job and started a new blog! Didnt have your email.. sooooooooo.. it's www.u-can-call-me-jax.blogspot.com :) See you in blog land