Friday, April 13, 2007

i ain't skrrrd...

...but i am knocking on wood, holding a four-leaf clover, and chopping the foot off a rabbit right now. friday the 13th can't be all that bad because it is el cumpleanos de mi madre and it is my niece hannah banana's birthday too! oooh, i love birthdays and i love my mommy and i love miss hannah both to the moon and back. happy birthday to the loveliest ladies i know!!! (unfortunately, i'm pretty sure neither of them reads this. oh well. the sentiment is the same.)
oh and by the way IT'S FRIDAY BITCHES so i'm in a great mood this morning. plus, it's pay day. plus, for some reason my hair looks cute. plus, i'm going out dancing tonight with some work friends who i love love. PLUS.... okay i'm out of plusses.
anyone have any big weekend plans? i am supposed to go to the arkansas derby tomorrow but i don't know if the weather is going to cooperate so i am entertaining fun ideas for this weekend.
hooray for fridays! :)
p.s. it is also thomas jefferson's birthday. my niece thinks that means that they are related. she's 11 people. make of that what you will.


Big Mike said...

That poor rabbit. Anybush. Nice friday post. Yes, that cake rooks dericous.

Sarah said...

happy birthday to your little banana and your mummy. hope to see you someday again!