Friday, April 27, 2007

beerfest 2007

so big meg is coming today. no, i don't think you understand. BIG MEG IS COMING TO-DAY. this makes baby very happy indeed, as my sister is my one and only. *quick freudian thought--is the reason i don't fall in love because no one will ever know me like my twin, therefore leaving gentleman callers falling short of an impossible standard not imposed but just always present since the day she and i were born? yeah, i took freshman psych. i know what's up. : ) then again i might be a total idiot.* anyhow, sister's on her way this afternoon so get ready central arkansas cause we built this city, we built this city on rooock and roll.
in other news, j-j-j-jenny will be in little rock tonight and that means i will too. i wouldn't miss it! jenny, jeff, kat, karl, meg-a-licious, me, pizza, beers. this, folks, is a recipe for what i forsee as a pretty nice little friday.
we're having a little throwdown at the house tomorrow night. since little meg's in town, and eric's coming too, and i'll probably be drinking my share and everyone else's, it wouldn't shock me if someone woke up like this poor guy in the pic. i am now crossing my fingers and saying a little prayer that that someone is not me. i do not think i would look cute in a neckbrace. hope everyone has a great weekend! don't do anything i wouldn't (that doesn't the leave the door as wide open as you'd think...)!


Anonymous said...

holy crap it's big meg time!!! and guess who can't wait? big meg. i'm super pumped and these few hours at the office before i check out of here are KILLING me. set your clock to party time little girl. baby will be on her way shortly. YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

Sarah said...

okay, i'm just gonna be honest here... saw the pic and read no further... what is with the couch in the air? barrow is no where to be found... i don't even see a kat hills.... couch? air? what?!

llllove you. hope you gave much of my luuuuve to our hill plus barrow duo. duo?
love love much much