Tuesday, October 20, 2009

and so it begins (again)

time to get more hot and less flabby. SHIT.
so i'm going to try to get into shape. for real this time. i made a semi-serious attempt at making the ol' body hotter in the spring time, but that was mainly because the place i lived did not have hot water for showering and the gym did. so now that i can shower at home, why on earth would i go work out? :) but the time has come to stop looking like i've given up on being cute and start looking like an adorable 26-year-old girl who has absolutely no reason to be chubby.
don't get me wrong; i don't hate my body. i am 5'11" tall and i weigh approximately 165 lbs, which is less than your average giant girl. my bmi is 23, which is perfectly healthy and i'm not what i would consider a "big girl," although there have been days when my brain and my mirror have teamed up to convince me otherwise. i have a nice shape and when i'm taking care of myself i can sort of kind of be a little bit of a brickhouse. (you know, mighty mighty, lettin' it all hang out.)
but the problem is (and has been for aaaages) that i jiggle too much. and me no likey. so starting yesterday, it is game ON, body. i'll be getting plenty of cardio daily, joining a good friend for yoga twice a week, and i'm even considering joining weight watchers with another friend who finds herself in a similar i'm-super-cute-but-i-could-be-cuter-with-some-help position. maybe that sounds silly, but it can't hurt, right?
so i guess i'm saying wish me luck. god knows i'ma need it. and if we see each other in the next little bit, be sure to say bye bye to my beer belly. i'm hoping you'll never see it show its ugly face again.


Jax said...

Tell me more about your upcoming vaca!!!!

And dude.. Don't overdo it. You're haute. For reals. When I went to Costa Rica, I overdid it and ended up not really looking much different b/c I stressed out! LOL! When I went to St. Lucia this year, I went to butts n guts twice a week and added a couple days of running/light weights. When I had time, I'd hit up the yoga class on Saturday mornings. I didn't go ape shit bananas crazy about what I ate, but just tried to keep it consistent and choose healthier options. However, I did eat a lot of cereal for dinner (instead of hot pockets or something way bad for me).

I think you're gorgeous! Just sayin. But, I'm definitely proud of your drive.. I need serious motivation. I feel like such a hotter bitch when I'm working out more regularly.. haha.. :)

Megan said...

i agree with jackie about your supreme gorgeousness. if you need some moral support you can call me, but that's all i can offer. god knows i'm not actually going to work out. HA. love you button.

Big Mike said...

I'm in the same boat as you are, dumplin. I, however, don't have time to partake in the appropriate work outs. If you need some working-out or nutrition advice, holla at me. It's my job...or will be soon.

Unknown said...

Good luck on working out! I know that feeling...my issue is I always get motivated late at night and then when morning comes and its time to workout, well, sleep wins! You can do it!