Tuesday, November 3, 2009

happy anniversary to me

i lost two jobs in six months last year. it wasn't fun, but it seems like it's been forever ago. on the one-year anniversary of my losing the first, i was moving into my new apartment, and a bad memory was replaced. today is the one-year anniversary of losing the second, and although no momentous occasion occurs today to replace this date in infamy, i am boggled as to how much is different now than it was then. have you ever take those "real age" quizzes? there's a section devoted entirely to how quickly one's life changes and the stress those changes take on one's body, both physically and emotionally. it's been a long time since i checked my "real age," but as i'm looking back just over the last couple of years and all that has happened, i'm guessing i'm probably somewhere in my early fifties, as far as realage.com is concerned. and i'm not the only one; i can think of several people reading this blog whose lives are drastically different than they were two years, two months, two weeks ago. i'm wondering when (or if) this ever changes. what i mean to say is, do the changes become smaller and smaller? or are we forever radically different with the seasons?

no point to this post, really. just thinking about the job lost one year ago today, how upset i was about it then, and how completely inconsequential it is now. i suppose i should stock this feeling away for reference the next time i think the world is ending.


Jax said...

Hooray for one year being free of a crappy ex jobbie! And dude.. I still think about the day I left the firm... every year..on the day. And you're right.. Things seems so benign after some time.. But it's way too hard to think about that while it's happening! :)

miya p. said...

dooooode, so happy to hear a little peep out of that adorable mouth of yours.

congrats on leading a happier post-crap-job life!

I will be in tulsa with you know who from december 23-30...any chance of squeezing me in?