Tuesday, May 26, 2009

debauchery by melissa

did anyone have as rad-ass a memorial day weekend as i did? jeezum crow, i thought 25 was old but i worked it like i was 20 again! i stayed up all night for three days straight, drank like alcohol was calorie-free, spent money like i'm some sort of trust fund baby, and had more fun than i can recall having in some time.

friday night: gusano's with megs, tatum, dulcinea, and dulcinea's brother for pizza and beers; willy d's with megan and cutie-patootie college kids at the next table; electric cowboy for a little (okay a lotta) ass shakin'.

saturday night: took the greatest shower ever taken by anyone, courtesy of one kat hills who advised me to take my time, and take my time i did; dinner and drinks with some sweet girls, one of whom was celebrating a biiiirthday (and you know my feelings on birthdays); dancing downtown to horrible music; then off to discovery (disco if ya hood, y'all) for a delightful drag show and loads of compliments from boys both gay and straight, of which i can never get enough.

sunday night: meggers came back to town, we met up with the cutie-patootie college kids at the saucer; then to sticky fingerz (by the way, were they having some sort of memorial day celebration or are beers there always only $2?!?); then to a new pal's gorgeous apartment for more drinking, dancing, and playing. additionally, i definitely DID get into the pool at 2am with nothing but my bra and panties on, in the pouring rain. i guess if you get on a treadmill three or four days a week your self-confidence goes through the roof. :)

and yesterday i just packed. packed and cleaned and decided what to trash and what to keep. I AM MOVING THIS WEEKEND OMG.

and that's about it, boys and girls. what did you get up to? and did you have fun doing it?


miya p. said...

invitation next time plz and thx :)

Jax said...

Hooray for fab weekends! And I cant believe you move this weekend! That's so exciting! And I havent done nearly enough ass shaking lately. I need to fix that. Drinking IS calorie free wheny you're booty shaking while indulging. Just sayin.

mercurial mary said...

I'd wear Debauchery. Heck, I'd blog about that shizz! Thanks for the compliment on the blog!

Big Mike said...

My scent? It will be "Isolation" by Mike. Or maybe "Don't Wear This Because Women Won't Want To Be With You" by Mike. Either way, I wouldn't sell an ounce.

Anonymous said...

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