Tuesday, February 10, 2009

tuesday in stereo

today is tatum's biiiiirthday! she is 25, like me. she's also cute, like me. we may as well be twins. feliz cumpleanos, ladybug. that's really all this post is about. but for those of you aren't fortunate enough to know tatum, i will include the following:

i laughed until i almost puked when i saw this. please tell me you find it as funny as i do.


Anonymous said...

1. thanks for the b-day blog..it's super sweet

2. five minutes after i let that little brasilian frog go my eye swelled shut (froggy fingers + eye = temporary blindness)

3. the meatloaf thing just made my day

love love

Big Mike said...

Bon Anniversaire, Mastertater. As you leave 24 like a "Bat Out of Hell", I hope 25 is good to you.

*Unrelated Note* Does anyone remember the video to that song? EPIC!

Megan said...

TATER TOT. i love you in ways i'm not ready to deal with. happy birthday. i hope it's bitchin.

*unrelated note to mike's note--i DO remember that video and it scared me as a child.*

katandkarl said...

psssssssssssssssssss. that is the sound of my peeing my pants at your fun little diagram.

brooke knight said...

i just got spittle on my laptop giggling at this graph for the first time.