Friday, February 20, 2009

reader be warned

sometimes, i am in a BAD FUCKING MOOD. i like to think of myself as a pretty optimistic girl, and i like to think that my smile to frown ratio is better than most. HOWEVER, there are days, like today, when i am frustrated and, let's not mince words here, just FUCKING PISSED OFF. without naming names or getting too specific, i am listing some of what is chapping my ass right now.
1. when you say you are going to call me, then please call me. i am worried and aggravated when you don't.
2. i don't ask for many favors. when i do, it's because something is important to me and i can't make it happen by myself. please don't make me beg. i don't make you beg, do i?
3. it hurts my feelings and makes me terribly insecure when you act like i am overreacting. i am a chronic overreactor, and i know what it feels like. in this case, person i'm talking to? i am NOT overreacting.
4. do not call me "honey," "babe," "sweetie," or anything like it unless you are a close friend, a boyfriend, or a relative.
and finally,
5. please do not feel the need to comment on this blog if you are put off by its negativity. everyone gets pissed off once in a while. and you know what? i'd rather blow off steam here than anywhere else. i made this m*therf*cker. i'll use it how i want.
okay, i am owning this shit mood, and i will get over it, guaranteed. i always do. it was either post about it, or scream for two solid minutes. i don't want anyone to call 911, so i'm utilizing my alternative.
ONCE AGAIN, i will make a note here that says that if you're reading this, i'm probably not talking about you. i am certainly sometimes passive aggressive, but not cruelly so.


Jax said...

Good post! I, too, am having "a day" and you said it, sister!! I hope your day gets better...I agree with the overreacing thing, too. That drives me CRAZY b/c Im so in the same boat.

katandkarl said...

lover bug suger pie booger bear.

miya p. said...

i'm glad you get angry on your blog. sometimes i want to, and i intend to, and i try to, but then the yelling comes first and then i never get around to the blogging part.

i'm actually not joking this time

ps. be angry as long as you want

Big Mike said...

Nice work.