Friday, February 6, 2009

i am such a bitch

so this lady walks in today. she shows up at 2pm for a 1:30 appointment, and gives no reason for her lateness, and no apologies either. she doesn't look at me one time while she's speaking to me. she says, "i need to see (insert boss' name), but i need the restroom first." i politely (i think) say (while looking at her waiting for her to look at me), "the ladies' room is the third door on the left, and you'll pass boss' office on the way." she doesn't say thank you, but she does dig through the candy dish on my desk and grab FIVE pieces of chocolate. upon leaving the building, she says nothing to me.

the reason i'm a bitch? this woman is probably very nice, supportive of her friends, fun to be around, and all-around just fine as a person. but this little glimpse of her will make me feel like she's a total asshole every time i see her (if i ever have to again).

hi. my name is melissa, and i will judge you at my leisure. :)

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katandkarl said...

it's like people sometimes forget how to be Decent Human Beings. I just don't understand that...