Monday, February 23, 2009

like a cracked-out oprah

blow it up to get the full effect. (that's what she said.)

i've been going through the archives of toothpaste for dinner, natalie dee, married to the sea, and superpoop for about an hour now. please don't tell on me. while we're on the subject of keeping secrets, it would be GREAT if the following could be kept between us:
*i had TWO cokes at lunch today. real ones. oops.
*my hair is dirty enough that it might stay in this ponytail without the elastic.
*when i remembered that the bachelor is on tonight, i yelped out loud.
*the guy is away for a week with little to no contact and i might be kind of a little bit sort of frowny-faced about it.
*i pretended to be on the phone when someone i don't particularly like walked into my office today so that someone else would have to deal with him.

this has been another episode of SHHH! please join us next week when our topic will be "blogging at work instead of filing."


Jax said...

YAY Bachelor!!! And yay Coke. I actually ordered a "coca cola" at the drive through and thought "WTF did I just say?" today..haha.. Who says coca cola?

Megan said...

hooray for coke! don't feel bad about it. nothing that tastes that good can be bad for you. i believe it.

Big Mike said...

I *heart* you and secrets.