Thursday, February 12, 2009

this is not a sad post

just a curious one.

so you know when you get angry or frustrated or confused and you need to talk about it? i get that way sometimes, and i know you do too. and it always feels SO much better when you've spewed whatever it is out, even if you've solved nothing, right? i like to be the person my friends feel like they can come to in those situations. and even though i may not give the best advice, i like to think i've got sympathetic ears, and shoulders built for leaning on. keep it coming. and don't apologize when you do. this is what friends are supposed to do for each other, and i'll be there for you (clapclapclapclap... "friends" theme song? anyone? no?).

so lately, i've had some things on my mind. and i wonder: now that my friends are really for real grown up with grown up problems, what do mine really matter? i mean, i feel better after a good spew just like anyone else. but after being on the receiving end of some spew-age, my shit seems kind of stupid. i'd feel almost guilty telling anyone what's bothering me after i've heard their woes. it'd be comparable to the following:

me: i stubbed my toe today.
friend: ugh that sucks. i got hit by a bus and no longer have the use of my arms or legs.
me: yikes. my toe kind of hurts.

see what i'm saying? it'd be selfish to unload my ridiculous worries on someone who's going through much more than me. i have no bottom line, and expect no sympathy. i'm just using the ol' blog to speak my piece, as i quite often do. this concludes my pity party. thanks for tuning in. :)

***editor's note: this is not in reference to ANYONE or ANY SITUATION in particular. i've been thinking about this for a while, so if we've recently talked about your troubles, worry not that i am complaining about you. i'm not complaining about anyone. for realsies. :)


care said...

i propose a trade--when I have ridiculous but still upsetting spew-age to share, I tell you. and you can tell me yours. no big life problems though, just the ones that fall at a four or below on a scale of 1-10, with 10 be catastrophic, arms-and-legs-rendered-immobile-by-a-bus kind of thing. :)

it's okay to be upset about little things sometimes.

Megan said...

here's a rule: your friends' problems are not more grown up than your own. you have big grown up problems, just like everyone else. and you have tiny little problems, just like everyone else. it's all in how you handle them. spewing them out every now and again is healthy, so don't feel bad about it. xoxo

Anonymous said...

look, i don't know you, but you know, i think too many women feel guilty for things that they shouldn't. vent to your friends, don't feel like your problems are any less important. this is the only life you have, so your problems are just as real and grown up as anyone else's. if you went to the ER with a broken arm and someone else there had a gunshot wound, sure theirs might be life-threatening, but you still gotta get your arm fixed, and it doesn't make it any less painful for you that they have a different situation. you just gotta live yo' life. take care

brooke knight said...

dude! that was a good anony comment! nothing i can say can top that! lurve you tons.

melissa said...

anonymous, i don't know you either. but i kind of wish i did. no. just kidding. i REALLY wish i did.

miya p. said...

bugaboo, i want to give you a hug.

Jennifer said...

I agree with anony. comment. I mean no matter what your situation there is someone somewhere who has it worse, that doesn't mean everything you feel isn't real to you. I love you and I would love to hear about your painful stubbed toe any day.

Big Mike said...

My shoulders are most CERTAINLY made for leaning on. Never hesitate to utilize them.

Anonymous said...

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