Friday, February 13, 2009

maybe you hate it

and that's just fine by me. but i want to say happy valentine's day anyway. if you're reading this, i more than likely love you all the way to the moon and back, and don't know who i'd be without you. love love. have a good weekend. xo


Jax said...

Happy Vday! Love you, pretty girl!

Megan said...

happy valtentiMes. yeah, i like it with an m. m for melissa, the very best valentine ever. love you.

Big Mike said...

From the deepest part of my heart to yours, Happy ValentiNe's Day (with an N because I enjoy correct spelling). I love you more than you'll ever fathom.

miya p. said...

xoxo pretty-pretty-pudding-cup

your somewhat random and unexpected existence in my life is so lovely. it is sometimes strange to me how comfortably and easily i fell in love with your friendship.

you are so special, i hope you know that.

happy valentines day to you <3

♥Joy♥ said...

To the moon & back my little nut-brown!

PS: I just noticed your comment today, I wanted to let you know that she did sing "River Deep Mountain High" and it was AWESOME! I never heard her sing that song with such ferocity before! It was GREAT! I maybe might just turn into a stalker fanatic. Maybe!!

katandkarl said...

vomity vom vom. xoxo.