Wednesday, February 25, 2009

forty (long) days and nights

so i'm taking the plunge and i'm giving up beer for lent. i know, i know, you don't think i'll be able to do it. well, i'm here to tell ya, i WILL. there is still red wine, there is always vodka. i think this is going to be a fun little experiment. this comes, of course, with a couple of stipulations. for example, i will NOT be ordering mixed drinks at a couple of specific bars that make them real shitty-like. also, i have a vacation planned before easter and i will probably have a couple beers then. hey, it doesn't count if you're on vacation, right? so, buckle up, friends. let's watch my waistline whittle together, shall we?

p.s. additionally i'm giving up soda, which is no big deal cause i don't drink that much of it anyway. but i've been drinking A LOT of coke lately and i need to knock it off.

p.s.s. today starts the officially countdown: one week until antm!!! are we still having a watch party? where? do you want to get dinner first? i'll bring the wine... ;)


care said...

good for you! I seriously considered doing this myself.

and yes, vacays and sundays you may enjoy your beer. :)

Elizabeth Spann said...

WOW, good luck with giving up on the beer. However, wine is good. And can be $5 at Cranford's, so it's a win-win!

I'M IN for ANTM watch. Yes please! I offer up my house if you ladies want it. Or we can go somewhere else. I'm just IN!

Jax said...

Proud of you!!! :) That's quite the sacrifice... I dont know if I could give up wine... Sad. True.

Leah Billings said...

I'm SO in. Bitchy, emaciated teenagers and crazy Tyra here we come!

P.S. Thanks for the reading recs! I'll definitely add them to my list.

Frogs in my formula said...

Give up beer? But look at how pretty it is in your picture!

(My husband gave up cigarettes. Again. Hold me.)

brooke knight said...

wow! i thought about it too, and couldn't commit. good job, boo.