Monday, September 10, 2007

welcome back

oh, hey. what's up monday? I'M NOT REALLY ALL THAT PLEASED TO SEE YOU, if you want the truth. weekend was nice. i mainly chilled at the house, which is both convenient and cheap. list list list, here comes a list of happenings and the lessons we learned:
  • friday night at the saucer. UNBELIEVABLE, i know. and in case you're wondering, you can throw all the darts you have in your hands and all of them stick to the board. i mean, you can if you're rad like i am.
  • if you're standing outside in the street on your cell phone and you see a suspicious vehicle, go ahead and make your way back to the house. or, you can just stand there and be yelled at by a hooligan. your choice.
  • GET UP BEFORE 11 AM. good god, what are you, 17?
  • people who are not from the south can make a pretty mean pecan pie. who would've guessed?
  • do not try to sneak a cigarette in the driveway when your roommates have noses like hound dogs.
  • everything really is nicer on a 42" plasma tv. it's especially nice if it doesn't cost you a dime. hooray for roommates with big dreams and good credit. : )
  • two glasses of red wine will not only relax you, it will knock your ass out.

okay, that's basically all the wisdom i have to pass on for now. hope everyone made the most of their weekends. and i hope none of you has monday worry knots in your stomach like i do.


a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...


care said...

I want that doormat. But only sometimes.

and, untie those knots, girlie!

Anonymous said...

I cant drink red wine. It makes me mean.. Or maybe I just use it as an excuse to be mean.. Either way. I dont drink it. ;)

Chandle said...

great weekend fun. Mine was totally boring, I went shopping for other people's shoes.

Big Mike said...

Quit bragging about your