Friday, September 21, 2007

best week ever

i'm in a hurry, so....

  • my birthday was a HUGE success and thank you all so much for the sweet birthday wishes!!! love love love love love. : )
  • my digital camera came in and it. is. AWESOME! i think i'm ready to take my blogging to the next level by adding pictures that i actually took.
  • my sweetheart eleise made me a homemade birthday meal last night, including a cake with candles. and everyone sang. and i may have teared up a little in my excitement.
  • I GOT A TOP MODEL BARBIE FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!! who wants to come over?
  • my buddy timmy works at the cable company and last night on channel 5 my birthday was announced. and megan's. and timmy doesn't even know megan. this makes him A+ in my book.
  • it's f-f-f-f-friiiiiiiiday!
  • i just got off the phone with my mommy and this much i know: anyone with whom you can discuss at length your mutual love for the brave little toaster is more than just a parent.
  • speaking of the brave little toaster, sweet sister is mad because i decided if she were in that movie she'd be the blanket. it's not an insult megan so LOCK IT UP. : )
  • i'm going to tul-city with kat tonight. you know what the midwest is? young and restless. just ask kanye.
  • time to work now.
  • thanks again for showing the birthday love. it's my own personal christmas and you are all santa to me. xoxoxo


Chandle said...

I think i'm the radio. Which is pretty bad since I'm pretty sure John Lovitz is the voice.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

safe trip doll!

care said...

okay, so reading your blog post just put me in an even better mood. thanks mucho. :)

Anonymous said...

ok i won't get into the whole blanket thing again...although i'm totally right on this one. anyway, i'm glad you had a good birthday little sister and especially glad you had a safe trip. call me soon. xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

POST PHOTOS!!! :) Also, I check orbitz daily to see if I can find a super cheapo deal and ya know.. sleep on the beach at the wedding.. whatever. Love love

Big Mike said...

It's time for an update, girly.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Aaaaand top model thoughts?? I like Victoria. And that poor autistic girl... those girls are beyotches!!