Wednesday, September 12, 2007

goodbye ruby tuesday

yesterday was a good day. i had lunch with some friends that i never see in the middle of the day (i mean to say that they are after work and weekend friends. does that make sense?) and it was both delicious and entertaining. and last night my roommates and i had a little last supper at hog pen YUMMO before heading downtown to play trivia. or shall i say, attempt to play trivia... anyhow we had a good day and a good night, which is sometimes a rare combo and i am thankful for it.
today... not so much. tatum left for brazil this morning, and i know she'll only be gone for six weeks, but her departure date a) got here before i could get used to the idea of her not being around, and b) coincides with my date with the lung doctor. i don't want to go. enough time has passed that it's kind of easy to forget there was ever a problem in the first place so i'm a little anxious and worried. and i wanted tatum to be there but she is leaving on a jet plane. and she won't be back until like halloween. and she is my favorite roommate. and also my sweetheart. and my bestest friend. and all of this makes melissa a NOT HAPPY girl today.
i'm not gonna lie... i have already cried (it's only 9am for pete's sake). i cried like a little girl cutting the biggest onion EVER. hopefully thursday will be a little nicer to me.


Anonymous said...

Hope the doc goes well!! :) I like your label...I laughed at it. Please update on the doc appt. :)

care said...

thursdays generally are nicer to people, in my experience. wednesdays like to taunt you and send insults in your general direction and say your father smelled of elderberries and stuff like that.

and ditto what jackie said.

Chandle said...

Good luck, you're going to do great. Sorry about your boo Wednesday.