Monday, July 9, 2007

how things are

a quick update in list-form:
a) okay so i cheated on the harry potter reading. i watched the first two movies (there's no extra info in the books anyway) and i'm now in the middle of the third book.
b) harry potter weekend was interrupted by a traveller (traveler?)'s game saturday night, at which i had a blast and experienced the following (LOOK OUT! SUB-LIST!):
1) we won. in the bottom of the 9th. it was awesome.
2) we were on the jumbo-tron. which is pretty impressive if you're from mtn. home. but since i am completely photo-phobic i didn't really see it. i just hid my face and heard about it when it was done.
3) i ate my weight in frito chili pie. not smart.
c) speaking of my weight, i learned that i have gained 3/4 of what i'd lost back since i had all that lung stuff, quit smoking, stopped working out, and started eating like i have worms. i do not have worms, by the way.
d) speaking of smoking (wow, i'm getting good at these segways), i think it's really going well. i've had a few here and there. but nothing i would be ashamed to tell my doctor. woooo hooo! my body loves me again! well, my lungs do anyway. : )
e) my job is a BITCH and i'm sick of it. must. graduate. from. college. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. at least then i could say i have some chance of things getting better.
f) jenny called today and she's all ecstatic about the invites. me too, jenny!
g) and finally, i just got off the phone with kathleen, my dearest darling. and you know what? talking about groceries and boys and outdated dating lingo just really made my whole day. mmmmmm baby loves you kat. : )
and so this concludes what was intended to be a short post but has instead turned into a novel. thanks for tuning in. how was your monday?


Big Mike said...

My monday was marvelous....except for having to work. I'm glad to hear that you had a good weekend. I'll call soon....I promise.

Anonymous said...


Elizabeth Spann said...

Harry Potter opens frickin tonight at midnight. Trust me, I was confused as well. Hence, why I'm going to Widespread Panic instead. WHOOOOOOOPS. Anyway, I'm going tomorrow at 7. Get my number from Kat if you're interested!
Seriously, movies come out Friday. What are they doing??

katandkarl said...

back atcha playa. er. shit. we agreed never to say that word in public.

Jax said...

Harry Potter has not yet met my DVD player, but I shall introduce soon. Hopefully. :) Love love!!

Sarah said...

i love listy-like-one-thought-to-the-next blogs. you rock, healthy child. i'm not a harry potter fan, but all of you freaks are making me wonder if i should be... nah, i just keep thinking you are freaks.
love ya pussy cat

Chandle said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. I'm going to admit something super gross now even though I don't know you, I actually had worms a couple of weeks ago. I'm in Nepal and it's not too clean. I couldn't eat anything! It hurt too much to eat. I think it's absolutely unfair that while having a parasite, your body refuses to eat. Boo to parasite, yeah for food.

Leah Billings said...

I've been meaning to tell you that you're fantastic for dropping the smokes. Way to go lady! If only the rest of the world could have your fortitude.