Thursday, July 19, 2007

no love for jobs

i'm training for a new position at work. and my brain hurts. so i've adopted a new saying, "no brains, no headaches." who's with me? slade would know what i'm talking about.
special thanks to for always knowing exactly what to say. they're my hallmark. only free. and funny. and available online. okay it's quiet time.


Anonymous said...

lmao..miss you honey..and i'm with you. tomorrow? dumb-blonde-friday here i come.

Anonymous said...

that's my new strategy too...if they think you're dumb they'll be able to overlook your f-ups a lot easier.

Big Mike said...

I agree with Megs. You two can pull it off too. Because pretty girls are stereotypically dumb, and you're a couple of stunners.

Leah Billings said...

I don't even know where you work, and that's sad. We need to start hanging out more often lady!

Sarah said...

i hate training. it does make your brain hurt. and swell. and feel as if it may pop out of your skull.

hang in there lover.

hope to see you soon. it's already been too long!


Sarah said...

thank you for updating and giving me something to read this lousy friday morning!!! all of our other friends have been slacking in the blogsphere this week. i'm gonna kick some booty. (okay, so not everyone has nothing to do at work, and free time to sit around and blog. but if they don't blog. i'm not entertained damn it!)

Sarah said...

not sure what happened with the punctuation on that last comment.


i even have free time to critique my lousy punctuation on this friday morning.


how's that for some punctuation.


Chandle said...

Love toothpaste for dinner. sometimes natalie dee is a little to obscure for me, but toothpaste is always on the mark. If acting dumb doesn't work, act really busy and stressed out. Rub your forehead and wrinkle your eyebrows. Everyone will be afraid of you.