Friday, July 13, 2007

lovin me some today

reasons why i am a happy girl:
1) blogging gives me another chance to make a list. i'm starting to be kind of a list person.
2) it's f-f-f-friiiiday!
3) i got paid today with some FAT overtime what whaaat.
4) everyone's been updating like crazy! i love it!
5) big mike might be coming to town this weekend. oh please oh please oh please!
6) my sister is the proud new owner of mr. thomas o'malley, the un-alley cat.
7) i slept like a log last night. it's been a while.
8) i'm as into the urban dictionary as jackie is. i get daily emails. : )
9) my refrigerator is full of beer. like, so full the door may or may not be completely shut.
10) my number ten reason for being in a good mood is the above nine reasons. nine good things! what a lucky lady!
call me this weekend. all of you. i'll be either sober or drunk or on my way to one or the other. but no matter my alcohol intake, i'll be spreading the love. : )


Anonymous said...

it's good to see you in such good spirits. call me this weekend when you're drunk so i can make fun of you. xoxox

Chandle said...

Have a great weekend. It sounds like you're going to have some great posts for Monday.

Big Mike said...

I had a wonderful time this weekend, baby girl. It's exactly what I needed. Thanks a TON!